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My wireless on my inspiron 1501 won't turn on!!!

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My wireless on my inspiron 1501 won't turn on!!!

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i press the fn and then the F2 button and it doesn't turn on. what's wrong with it? ... when i restart my laptop i know all the lights like capslock,num lock etc are supposed to flash once....but it does EXCEPT the wifi . i tried everything. there is no wireless icon by the clock. my wifi used to work but all of a sudden it hasn't worked. whats wrong guys?? what should i do?? ive gone through every help and support thing on my laptop. i've checked everything on control pannels and nothing... what should i do :(

i even went to download the drivers for my inspiron and nothing... :(

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  • help me please Crying

  • Hi, I'm having the same problem with my Inspiron 9400, can't turn on wifi, so, I too would appreciate any help that can be gotten with this.Tongue Tied

  • uhohitsmagik,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Does it show up in device manager?  Press F2 while booting up and enter the system bios. Go to the advanced screen and make sure that the wireless information is set to enabled.

    If so. and it does not show up in device manager the wireless care may have gone bad  and you will need to contact Dell Support at 1-800-624-9896 and have the Motherboard Replaced.

  • i have the same problem with my inspiron 1501. if you find out a way to fix it lemme know. if i find an answer i will let you know.


  • I have the same problem no lights come on for wireless please help

  • Hi Barossabelle,

    Please share the exact System Model and Operating System installed. Also, share for how long you are not able to access the Internet using wireless connection. Please let me know if you had made any hardware or software changes to the system after which you encountered this issue. Try pressing the key combination of Fn+F2 keys to activate the wireless radio.

    Please share the screenshot of the Device Manager with the Network Controllers expanded for me to review the wireless card details. Here are the steps:

    • Press the key combination of 'Windows Logo' key + 'R' key to open 'Run' dialog box.
    • Type in 'devmgmt.msc' and click 'OK'.
    • The 'Device Manager' windows will appear.
    • Click on the sign next to Network Controllers and expand it.

    Please reply with the information, I'll be happy to assist.

    Thanks & Regards
    Saharsh K
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