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Dell XPS m1530 loses wireless... and stays lost

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Dell XPS m1530 loses wireless... and stays lost

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I have had this problem since day one of getting this computer.  First off, it doesn't like to find wireless connections.  I am at a university and I know for a fact that five different connections should appear when in a certain location.  When at that location, they won't show up unless I restart the computer.  I would think the little refresh button in "Connect to a network" should find them should it not? That button has never worked for me.


Second, say it finds the connection and I am connected, and leave for a few minutes and return with the computer in sleep mode.  Upon starting up, the connection has been lost, AND the computer will not find any wireless connections until rebooted.


It is very frustrating and time consuming.  I can't think of anything really to try to eliminate the problem. Yes the wifi/bluetooth button is switched on.


Any help?

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  • I'd recommend running the diagnostics for the wireless card, and possibly reseating the card (though the fact it works after a reboot makes me thing the reseat won't help in this case).  If it is a bad card, a call to tech support should be pretty quick and painless.

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  • Larry,

    I have exact same problem on my XPS m1530..I have called the tech suppport several times but they can not figure out what the problem is and they ask me to try several things that I know won't fix the issue. I am really frustrated with this. I bought this laptop in May 2008 and have had this problem since then. The only reason I have not got this issue fixed yet is a reboot solves the problem temporarily but some times I get sick of it.

    Last time when I called the tech support the guy made me open back cover of the lap top to take out the wireless card and put it back in again but even that did not fix the issue and he told me that we will have to restore the computer back to factory settings which I am pretty sure won't fix the issue as I believe it is not a software problem but a hardware. I told him I have over 150GB of data and I can not restore to factory settings at the moment until I back up the data.

    Please suggest what should I do? I got extended warranty for 2 years.


  • If you have access to another card that is known to work just fine you could try swapping cards to see if the problem stays with your machine or follows your card.  If it follows the card then you know for sure it is a problem with the card.  If it stays with your machine then, unfortunately, a reinstall of Windows is probably the next step (if nothing else than to prove whether or not it is a software problem).

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • Up until today, I shared your frustration. I have a Dell XPS M1730 that had been working fine for several months, but then began exhibiting similar symptons to yours about 3 months ago. In addition to your symptoms I noticed that my wireless transmission quality (when I finally did get connected) was very poor. Pinging my local router would sometimes result in about 25% packet loss. But it wasn't consistent. Sometimes the connection was good, and other times bad.

    I just want to contribute 2 things to this forum:

    1) As a temporary work-around, I found the only thing that helped was to go into "Network and Sharing Center" and then "Manage Network Connections" (this is under Vista, I'm afraid I don't remember how to get to this in Windows XP). Then, right-click on your WiFi adaptor and Disable it. Wait a few moments and then re-enable it.

    2) Dell Support helped me find the real cause of  my problem today. About 3 months ago I purchased one of the common Linksys "N" routers for my wireless network. I never put 2 and 2 together. The cordless phones in my house were already broadcasting in the 5 Gigahertz range and so do the new 802.11N-series routers. I unplugged my cordless phone base station and now get 0% packet loss when pinging the router.

    I hope this helps someone out there. Anyone want to buy a cordless phone system?



  • thanks for that my wifes does the same thing all the time ..just make a shortcut  and put it on ur desktop saves turning it off and on all the time ..but if you have a warranty

    with dell use it i did with my other 1530   and they came out and fitted a new mother board the next day  ..great serves be leave me dell no about this problem but they will fix it if you have a warranty  so give them a phone