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Cannot connect to Wireless Network

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Cannot connect to Wireless Network

  • I recently acquired a Dell Inspiron 1525 running Windows Vista and equiped with the 1395 WLAN mini-card. 


    At the time that I ordered the laptop, I also purchased a Netgear WNDR3300 - RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router to replace my D-link router.  I needed to replace my D-link because it did not support file sharing with a computer that was running Vista.  So while the computer was able to connect to the internet, it was not able to function on the network (ie could not file share or access the network printer).


    When my Inspiron 1525 arrived, I was first running it off of the D-Link router.  When I installed the Netgear router, I was no longer able to connect to either the network or the internet, but the Inspiron 1521 owned by another person in my house has no problems connecting.  The 1521 is running Vista and has the 1505 Draft 802.11n Wlan mini-card installed.


    I have read through all the postings I could find regarding the 1395 WLAN mini-card and none of the problems quite matched mine, nor did any of the solutions seem to help.  Most of the people were able to connect to their network, but not to the internet.  I cannot connect to either and when I try to diagnose the problem I am told that the failure is due to an unkown reason.


    The network was setup through a wired connection to a Dell pc that is over 4 years old, running Windows XP and a Motorolla modem obtained through Optimum.  I have tried restarting the network and modem, changing the security from WPA to WEP, uninstalling the card, editing the registry as advised by Microsoft and doing all of the troubleshooting provided on Dell's website.


    I can connect via a wired connection, but that defeats the purpose of having a laptop, not to mention that it interferes with the connection to the 1521.  If I establish a wired connection, the 1521's wireless connection is broken and cannot be re-established until the wired connection of the 1525 is removed.


    Please help!!

  • Ely64:

    Thanks for visiting the Dell Community Forums.

    Check and see if your Netgreat is running in "Mixed-Mode" or "N". You might want to change it to wireless "G" only for both the router and wireless card and see makes a difference.

    Also, have you verified your 1525 works on other networks outside of your environment?
  • Thank you for your response.  Can you please provide more information on how I can do this?





  • For the wireless card, you can set the connection type (in Vista) by going to: Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center > Manage Network Connections > right-click the wireless card and pick Properties > Configure button > Advanced tab.  There are options for 'Band Preference' (e.g., 802.11a, 802.b/g, etc), as well as the option to disable specific bands.


    The exact options will depend on the card you have (I have a different card in my notebook, so I can't say exact what options you will see on yours).  However, the names of the options you are looking for are pretty clear as to what they do.


    Just remember to only change one thing at a time, and remember what it used to be set to, in case changing it causes problems. ;)


    For the router, you would have to check the user manual that came with it to see how to set the option for g only or mixed mode, etc.

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