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wont let me connect

  • when i first got my laptop and my wireless router i set it up and it worked just fine for the first one to 2 months that i had it.... then all of a sudden my wireless wont work on my computer.... the wireless is on, on my laptop.... it shows that it is pickin up the wireless from my home computer but it wont let me connect to it.... ill type in the wireless password and it jus comes up and says that it cannot connect the the router.... i donno why can someone please help me ?
  • I thought you said you have a router, so I don't understand the statement - " it shows that it is pickin up the wireless from my home computer but it wont let me connect to it"  If you have a router, why would it be picking up a signal form your home computer?  Please explain your network setup.
    It would also be quite helpful to know:
    the model of the laptop,
    the make and model of the wireless adapter in the laptop,
    the version of Windows running on the laptop,
    the make and model of the router,
    whether you have any security enabled on your router,
    and whether any other computers can connect by wireless to this router. 
    The more details you can provide, the faster and more reliable will be the help you receive.
  • i mean it wont let me connect the the wireless on our private network.... it worked fine then just stopped working....
    Dell Inspiron 1521
    Windows Vista
    Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini Card
    Netgear wireless router
    Windows XP
  • Is the wireless switch on the side of your computer turned on?
  • if you have security on then it should ask you for a wep key .. i had the same problem with my netgear router i ended up having to get a belkin access point i brought it off new egg for like 10 bucks. Netgear routers are better if they are used as a switch or hub linksys are the most user friendly for networking
  • I've got an Inspiron 6000 with a Dell Wireless 1470 Dual Band WLAN-PCI Card (running on XP) and I'm having the same problem. I've repaired connections, re-installed and rolled back drivers, switched to FireFox and still nothing (and I don't have security enabled on my router). When I first got my laptop it worked fine and then it just stopped out of the clear blue. It picks up the signal and says it is connected but the page never loads (i.e. the connection always times out). Any suggestions? I'm getting desperate!