Wifi error: "Problem Applying Profile" - Anyone found a reliable solution to this problem?

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Wifi error: "Problem Applying Profile" - Anyone found a reliable solution to this problem?

  • Problem: When trying to connect to my WiFi network on my new Inspiron 1520 with WinXP SP2 with Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG card I get the error message "Problem Applying Profile"

    The computer worked fine for the first couple weeks. I went on vacation and used it in an internet cafe and the wifi network in my hotel and it worked fine. When I returned home it started producing the error and has not worked since.

    I have read the Dell forums and other sites and have yet to see a reliable solution to this problem. Some solutions seemed to work temporarily, but none seemed to be a permanent fix. I have tried the following with no success:

    1) Reseat the wifi card
    2) Disabled DEP (Data Execution Prevention) for the Intel Wifi process
    3) Downloaded from Dell and installed the latest drivers and utility programs for Intel PRO/Wireless

    The only workaround is to go into the Control Panel/Network Settings and select the WiFi card and do a "Repair" operation, but that has to be done every single time you reboot. Thanks to halfmoonbay for discovering this workarond. But, judging by some of the other posts I've seen seen it's a matter of time before the card starts randomly dropping the connection.

    Note that if you just close the laptop and let the computer go into Hibernate mode it will reconnect when you open the lid and Windows resumes; however, after a couple hibernations the WiFi stops working and the computer locks up. I was only able to recover via a hardware reboot.

    I have not yet bothered to call Dell Support because all the posts that I have read from people who did call were with no success. Most of the people who did call were sent a new Intel PRO/Wireless card, but it did not fix the problem.

    Dell...Is there fix to this problem? I have wasted a lot of my time trying to fix this problem with no success. I would hope Dell would want to fix this as it makes using this laptop a real pain. I've owned quite a few Dells, but this will definitely be my last if there is no solution to this problem.

    Computer: Brand new Dell Inspiron1520 with Windows XP SP2 and all the latest updates
    Router: Linksys WRT54G with WAP Personal encryption
    WiFi Card: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
  • I assume you are using the Intel ProSet Utility to manage your wireless connections.  Have you tried disabling that and using Windows to manager your wireless connections?
  • Well thank you very much. I owe you a beer(s) ;) That so far seems to have worked, although we shall see for the longer term. I disabled the Intel PROSet software and I have rebooted several times and it seems to be working so far. I do now remember that some people tried this with varied success. Guess I just got tired of trying different things.

    It's still disappointing that I actually paid extra money for an "upgrade" for this pain in the rear!

    Thanks again...

    volcano11 wrote:
    I assume you are using the Intel ProSet Utility to manage your wireless connections. Have you tried disabling that and using Windows to manager your wireless connections?

  • I'm glad that worked.  I have always found that the Windows utility, because it is clean and efficient without a lot of bells and whistiles, works better.   The problem is not necessarily with the Intel ProSet, which you did not pay extra for (you may have paid extra for the Intel Wireless card, but that works just fine), but with corruption of the profile.  How this happens, I really don't know.  It is likely to to some strange combination of software on your computer.  Yes it is likely a bug, but I have yet to see bug-free software because all possible combinations of things that can happen, just cannot be tested.   Intel even admits that profiles can become corrupt in some versions of their software if upgrading drivers or the software from previous versions -
    If you insist that you want to use the Intel ProSet software that you mistakenly think you paid extra for, rather than using the Windows utility, see if there is a way to delete all profiles and start over creating a new one.  You can also try the solution suggested in the following thread:
    Note that this solution is done in Control Panal Add/Remove Programs rather than the way you tried. 
    Good luck.
  • Well thanks again very much for your response. You've saved me a lot of aggravation. Actually my computer even seems to boot a little faster now that I disabled the Intel PROSet software. I think if my current configuration of allowing Windows to manage my wireless connections works I will be perfectly happy with that. 54.0 Mbps is the same speed no matter whether Windows manages it or Intel does.

    And yes, I realize all software has bugs :) I develop software for a living...kinda disappointed that I didn't figure this out myself...oh well. I think by the time I get home, well I just want stuff to work. Enough debugging of other people's software at work...

    I realize I didn't pay extra for the software, but the software would not have been there if I didn't pay extra for the Intel PROSet card. Anyway...no big deal there.