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How downgrading BT360 to XP on D630 ???

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How downgrading BT360 to XP on D630 ???

  • Well just wanted you all to know that I tried patching the .inf but it didn't work, probably because as you mentioned it was modified by my installing the Dell BT360 driver for XP(They should just take it off the list) Anyways, I followed pcenter's solution and no more trial, I just have to see if it works when I get to work. Thanks, everyone
  • I had the same problems with my D830 -- My bluetooth card 360BT has become inoperable and I
    requested a new one.
    I right-clicked on the bluetooth icon in the system tray and selected 'turn off bluetooth radio'.  The bluetooth indicator light in the right hinge went out.
    That next day, I attempted to right-click on the icon to turn the bluetooth radio back on.  However,
    the right-click did not work.  All I got was the 'hover-over' menu.
    In Device manager, I disabled and re-enabled the bluetooth devices.  Then I did it again, rebooting
    between the disable and enable.  The radio light did not come on.
    Note:  The radio light comes on briefly at startup with the rest of the LEDs, indicating light operation.
    I then deinstalled the device in the device manager, rebooted, and reinstalled the device.  The radio
    light did not come on.
    During all this, neither my bluetooth PDA nor my headphones would 'see' the computer, and would not connect.  The computer would not see them, either. 
    I went into the BIOS and confirmed the Bluetooth was  on . . . several times.
    Finally, I downloaded the service manual.  I removed the hinge cover, and removed and reseated the card. 
    This time, Windows cannot 'see' the device in device manager, and the freshly-downloaded driver set from Dell reports there is no bluetooth card installed.

    FCC ID  PIWW 360BT
    PN JPO98 Rev A00
    OS Name Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate
    Version 6.0.6000 Build 6000
    System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
    System Model Latitude D830
    System Type X86-based PC
    BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A04, 8/8/2007
    Total Physical Memory 3,573.31 MB
    Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module is turned on in the BIOS
  • Has the replacement card arrived yet?



  • Has anybody found a solution to re-enable the Toshiba Bluetooth drivers for Dell Bluetooth 360 module on XP after downgrading from Vista ? (Assuming the problem in mind is the Licence Expired issue.)
  • The Bluetooth card had NOT failed, after all.
    While I was on hold for another HOUR with the Dell support, I started rolling back my restore points.  Once I restore to a point about five days before I turned off the bluetooth radio, the radio came on and I now have the option in the list to turn it off.
    Not that I will.
    Either this is a flaw in the control software, or an update flaw, I do not know.
  • All;
    I read with interest the post on editing the bth.inf and thought I'd add the BT 355 ID info to round out the set.
    Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module=                BthUsb, USB\VID_413C&PID_8000
    Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module=              BthUsb, USB\VID_413C&PID_8103
    Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module=              BthUsb, USB\Vid_413c&Pid_8126
    Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module=              BthUsb, USB\VID_413C&PID_8140
    I'm using the 355 now and downloaded the drivers today (from Dell) for the 360 I just ordered this afternoon (Weird, they have it listed for sale as intended for the Mobile Precision WS 4300, but the driver "compatibility list" says it works on a bunch of machines including my D620) $19.99. Not bad.
    I was hoping I could get 2.1 drivers for it. Is that what the Toshiba stack is? 2.1?
    I'll investigate the Toshiba stack from the link above shortly.
    Thanks to all for sharing!
    D620, T7600, NV110, 2GB, 80GB@72K, XPSP2
  • I have the same issue with BT360 and D630:
    - downgrade to XP, Bluetooth adapter doesn't even show up in the unknown hardware list. I have about 4 or 5 USB Hubs without drivers in the Device Manager list though, not sure why they weren't recognized
    Steps taken to solve, without any success:
    - installed all drivers from the product page for Win XP
    - installed newest chipset drivers from Intel site
    - tried all the solutions from this thread (.inf file hack, Dell and Toshiba BT stacks, plus a couple 3rd party - Broadcomm and Blue Soleil)
    - disable/re-enable BT from BIOS and the hardware switch
    At the same time, the diagnostics utility from the Dell CD reports that the BT device was tested and working properly.
    As a side matter, the fingerprint reader shows exactly the same behavior
    Any suggestions as to how to enable the darn thing ?
  • I'm having some issues with my BT360 that may be similar to this.
    I have a new Precision M4300 with XP (ordered with XP, I did not downgrade it) and am having trouble connecting BT devices. 

    I've read general suggestions about modifying the BT settings, however, the bluetooth applet does not appear in the control panel and I cannot get to the settings. Also, BT services are not listed in Computer Management | Services. (The Bluetooth icon is appearing in my system tray.)
    I tried adding the BT360 line to the bth.inf file per instructions in this thread, but that did not seem to help (the applet is still missing). I un-installed and re-installed the driver but that didn't help. 

    In addition to the bth.inf file changes, I unistalled the Toshiba Stacker and let Windows install the default BT software. That solved the applet issue and so far has resolved the connection issues I was having.
    So, this might be an issue for any BT360 running on XP (regardless of downgrade or not).

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  • Jobu;
    Very strange. I used the latest BT360 stack from Dell downloads and it installed fine. And then I went to the Toshiba website and downloaded the latest update (version 5 stack) and ran that without any problems at all.
    In fact the "30 day licensing" issue that I was warned about regarding upgrading the Dell stack to the Toshiba factory version (5) has never appeared.
    Sorry you're stuck using the MS version of the stack but as long as it all works, right?
  • I never got it to work properly under XP, the devices were still not recognized at all. In the end, because I couldn't spend any more time on this, I reinstalled Vista and everything is working.
    Now I'm in the adjustment period :(
  • Tried the fix and worked great. Thank you.  Now why doesn't dell do something about it. It was very frusterating to figure this out. They shouldn't even have the toshiba driver on there if it wont work.
  • Is there anyway a (apple iphone)driver could be added to the bluetooth list? The laptop sees my phone, but won't connect or vice versa.
  • TTT.
  • Hi,


     Can you anyone send me the link to the modded BTH.inf file? The link posted previously is not wokring now.. plz...

  • The file that needs to be edited/patched is: \WINDOWS\inf\bth.inf

    Login as administrator, make a backup of that file. Either to a different name (say, bth_inf.bak), or to a different directory.

    Edit the file with notepad or your favorite editor. Search for the line that contains "Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth". Copy it to a new line. Edit the new line so that you get the following:

    Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module= BthUsb, USB\VID_413C&PID_8103
    Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module= BthUsb, USB\VID_413C&PID_8140

    The second line is the one we added. The only changes are "350" for "360", and the PID value (8103 for 8140).

    Save the modified version of BTH.INF. Disable and re-enable the BT device, or just reboot. The Microsoft driver and stack should now install.

    Be aware that the limitations and problems mentioned in other threads about the 350 (and 355) module also applies here.

    Bill, feel free to edit the post at willing.


    My additional steps/details:

    open the bth.inf file with notepad (will have to open notepad and then find the hidden file bth.inf)

    edit as above (include the lines for both the 350 and 360 modules)

    save the file


    use Add/Remove to remove the Toshiba Bluetooth stack drivers

    Windows will start to load and install the Windows Bluetooth stack

    When completed, reboot again and then everything will be ready to add Blettoth devices.

    These exact steps worked on the following machines that were all haveing the same expired Toshiba driver errors/messages.

    LatitudeD530, D520, D620, D630