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D630 wireless driver install problem

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D630 wireless driver install problem

  • I got a brean new D630, and download the package which Dell provides: Intel (R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN (R151972.EXE).
    I tried to install it, it asked me to install Windows Installer first. I did so and then installed the package.
    When I tried to open it, it give me a message "The driver isn't installed" .
    Is this the only driver for D630? Does anyone else have the same problem?
  • My OS is Windows 2000.
  • Hi, I have a brand new D630 with the same problem. If you look in "Device Manager" do you see the wireless card listed? If you enter the BIOS on bootup via F2, then go to "System" and highlight "Device Info" do you see the WiFi card listed as installed? Also check that the switch on the left hand side of the machine is on and that the wireless card is enabled in the BIOS in the Wireless section. I called Dell about this problem after reseating the WiFi card. They are sending an engineer to replace the WiFi card and Motherboard. Jon.
    Thank you very much. Here is the info:
    1. In "Device Manager" , there is no wireless card listed, but there is a yellow question mark beside Network Controler (I already installed the NIC driver which is shows working properly and I can access to the Internet.). So I think that is the Wi_Fi card which has problem.
    2.In BIOS under "System" and highlight "Device Info", it shows: Wi-Fi Device=Dell Wireless.
    3.Checked the switch on the left hand side of the machine which is on.
    4.The wireless card is enabled in the BIOS in the Wireless section.
    Are these all the same as yours?
    Thanks again.
    BTY, do you use the drive shows on my first post on your current d630?
  • Hi, Yes, that is the driver i am using. From the info you have posted below i suspect that you may have one of the Dell Wireless adapters installed, not the Intel 3945. In the BIOS of my D630's the Wi-Fi device is listed as "Intel Wireless"

    I had a look at the W2K drivers for the D630 and there isn't a Dell driver listed for the Dell WiFi cards although there is for XP. To confirm which card you have go to this link:

    Then enter your service tag, once the page loads take a look at the original system configuration tag to see which card is fitted.

    I have 12 D630's but they all have the intel card fitted so can't check what the BIOS reports with the Dell Card fitted.


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  • Thank you Jon for providing me the very clear info.


    I checked the link and found the following under my service tag. I think you are right, I am using the dell wireless.





    Actually, I also tried to install DW1490 driver on the d630 yesterday, but it won’t allow me to install it, said it is not for this system. I installed the dw1490 on the d620, which it works perfectly.


    I'll call dell at the same time to verify this.


    Your help is highly appreciated.


  • No problem.

  • FYI,
    I called Dell and the tech told me there is no driver for windows 2000 on D630 broadcom wireless card. He suggested me to install the driver R151517.EXE (for XP).
    I installed and tested, so far so good.