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Wireless signal strength bars|icon not in system tray

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Wireless signal strength bars|icon not in system tray

  • Recently updated my Wireless WLAN Card Utility application software version to, using Dell Truemobile WLAN Mini-PCI Card Rev 4.5 (Inspiron 8600) on XP service pack 2.
    Utility manages wireless network fine, but I can't get the system tray signal strength bars|icon to appear in the system tray notification area anymore.
    I HAVE selected "Show Utility Icon" (in system tray) in the wireless services tab of the utility application.
    Have checked all tabs in MSCONF and can't find anyway to restore.
    Help, anyone?
    Tech support has been underwhelming, repeatedly ignoring what I have written and sending canned links.
    Any ideas appreciated.
  • I should note that AFTER install, the icon|bars did appear in the system tray (it all was fine) for several weeks.  One day, it left never to return.
  • This sounds more like the "disappearing systray icons annoyance" that many others and I (while working on friend's & niece’s systems) encountered after "Upgrading" WinXP to "SP2", a few years ago.

    If "uninstalling/re-installing the wireless utility" didn't help, then it might possibly be the SP2 update problem or somehow related to it...

    See if clicking "Start/Log-Off" (and logging back on) will get the icon to reappear in the systray.
    If it does, then try stopping & disabling these services:
    1. Click "Start/Run" and type services.msc
    2. Right-click on "Fast User Switching Compatibility", click "Stop" and select "Disabled", "Apply"...
  • a. Do the same for "SSDP Discovery Service"...
  • b. Also, "Universal Plug and Play Device Host"...

  • If the above didn't help... then check-out this thread ("click here"). It has really grown since I saved the link, but it seems it's also grown with resolutions, also.

    Black Viper's site has more info on most of the services ("click here" and click on the name of the Service). I also use the info on this page for tweaking WinXP's Services on the computers I work on (friends & relatives).

    From what I can remember, while disabling of the services worked 70%-80% of the time... Logging-off and back on worked most of the time, for them.
    The problem went away for good when I had time to "slip-stream" SP2 with their WinXP disc and did a "Clean OS Install"...