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My laptop doesn't recognize my wireless network connection

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My laptop doesn't recognize my wireless network connection

  • Hi,
    I have an Inspiron 6000 and a Netgear WGR614 wireless router. I have them both for over a year now, and it worked just fine. Today, all of a sudden, my computer stopped recognizing my router. It does recogniza other networks available, so I think that it has to do with something in the router.
    Does anybody have any idea of what it could be and how to fix it?  I'm really lost here... :( 
  • Try rebooting your router...perhaps it's locked up, or perhaps the radio isn't functioning. A reboot might help.

  • Thanks for replying. I unplugged the power cord of the router and plugged it again, and it still won't work... if it's the radio that is not functioning, do you have any idea how to fix it? or could it be something else? Thanks!
  • Does any other machine you have connect to the router via wireless? Can you have a neighbor come over and try to use your wireless? If the radio is gone...are you still under warranty?

  • We have a desktop computer that is usually connected to the internet with the modem and the router. Now it can only connect with the modem. That's why I think the problem is with the router (and, like I said, I do see other networks available, just not mine). Unfortunately, I am not under warranty anymore. If the radio is gone, is it worth fixing? or should I get a new router?
    Thanks :) 
  • No, just get another router. As far as the N card is can try one of these:


    All make Draft N routers...with Broadcom chips. Make sure it you try either of these brands Draft N that your firmware is up to date...


    Just go out and get a good solid G router. The Draft N card is totally backward compatible. For G, I recommend Linksys or Buffalo...again...Broadcom. Not a real big fan of Netgear. Linksys and Buffalo have good tech support and Buffalo offers a two year warranty...

    for Buffalo...I have WHR-HP-G55...look here:

  • sharondy,
    If you have a cable modem, you have to reset the entire network every time you change the device connected to the modem.  To do this, shut everything off. Wait about 5 minutes. Turn on the modem first, and wait another 5 minutes. Then turn on the device that is connected directly to the modem (either the router or the computer), then turn on any other computers inovolved.  If you don't do this, the cable modem remembers the last device that was connected and will not connect to another device until it is reset.  This could explain the problem you are having with nothing being able to connect through the router.
  • Bob I know this is old but it is the same computer and two other laptops work just fine.  My Dell Inspiron 6000 does not recognize my wireless router, My granddaughter's Sony vaio and and Hp Pavillion work fine.  I am cyber challenged so I don't do much of anything without using my son to guide me allong.  I really need to get this Dell to work wirelessly.  Do you have any suggestions or a good website?  Thanks in advance.  Greg Wolf