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red x on wireless icon

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red x on wireless icon

  • I have a new D610 Latitude.  I'm trying to set up my wireless connection, and everything seems to be a go except it won't register the wireless signal.  I read to press Fn with F2 to enable the signal.  I have done this several times seeing the tower come up enabled and then again with the red x.  No matter which way I leave it the wireless icon next to the clock keeps the red x on it.  I read that the red x should go away once I have enabled it.  I had a service tech from Netgear show me all other properties and settings to change.  He said I just needed to find the switch to turn on the wireless.  I don't have a physical switch, but I read that the Fn with F2 is just that.
    Should I be doing something else?
  • fn f2 should enable. Check bios and make sure it is enabled in the bios.

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