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Broadcom VLAN Tagging

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Broadcom VLAN Tagging

  • I have an Inspiron 700m with a Broadcom 440x 10/100 nic running Windows XP Pro SP2. I've loaded the Broadcom Control Suite program from Dell, which provides a control panel applet to manage and diagnose the NIC. When you right click on the NIC there are options for adapter teaming and to do VLAN tagging, but the options are greyed out.

    I need to be able to do VLAN tagging with this nic under Windows. I have tried loading the latest drivers from Broadcom. Broadcom also mentions an "Advanced Control Suite" software and an "Advanced Server Program" (both of which they claim will run on XP) which will allow you to create VLANs. This software is not available for download from Broadcom, and Dell only has the standard Control Suite software.

    How can I get this card to tag VLAN packets?
  • i don't have a computer with that chipset nearby, but, I would suggest running the latest broadcom drivers as you're doing I assume.  if you don't see an option in the device configuration page to turn on vlan tagging, I'd say you're out of look (look in the device configuration options, not in the advanded suite).

    FYI, my intel and realtek chipsets nearby support this feature and all are enabled directly from the driver/device config page -- no optional proset software needed ;p

    good luck -- worst case buy a pcmcia nic -- you can get a base1000 one from newegg (realtek chipset) for under $20

  • On the Dells that have Intel Pro 100's, you need to load Proset to tag VLANs. For each VLAN you specify it creates another adapter in device manager.
  • hmm  ...  maybe I'm misremembering or maybe it's different for the pro1000s ... either way, I'll check my intel card at home tonight (not that it really helps you).  

    and i'm out of my league here, having never actually setup a vlan (although if I ever find a cheap managed gigabit switch on ebay I might consider).

    i did check the 57xx broadcom in an optiplex here at work -- I have the advanced control 2 installed and cannot find a driver level or control center option for vlan's at all -- something that you'd kinda expect a gigabit card to support ;-)
    then again, it doesn't support jumbo frames either :(
  • Unfortunately, You can't VLAN tag with a 440x.  You have to upgrade to a 57XX and then it doesn't support all vlan tags.
    What are you trying to do?
  • NO! I recently bought a Dell 640M (e1405) and it came with a Broadcom 440x card. I was planning on using my notebook on different VLANs! I can't understand why they don't support such a simple thing as frame tagging. Does anyone know if we can use a standard or generic drivers (for XP) to enable VLAN tagging? (maybe for other cards) Thanks!

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  • retmc, you can use the standard drivers from though I doubt they'll enable any new features.  make sure you have the control panel software as mentioned earlier.  worst case, buy a pc-card (or express card if your machine uses those) NIC.
  • I already have Broadcom drivers and control panel suite installed. But I dont see any VLAN setup option.
  • I did some googling for you.   It looks like vlans and teaming can only be enabled with the Broadcom Advanced Server Program (and driver).
    I am not sure where to get this, but that should give you a head start on finding something.  Good luck.
  • Thanks for your help. I've found BASP in an IBM support page. I downloaded and successfully installed it (eventhough it was for Win2k). I run it and created a team with two VLANs one untagged and one tagged. The program created both virtual adapters but it seems the tagging wasn't working as my DHCP server assigned to each one an IP address. So NIC was not putting the tag correctly. I tried redoing everything but this time BACS refused to use my 440x NIC stating that it didn't support teaming. I can't believe that Broadcom doesn't enable tagging to their 440x NIC! They have the virtual NICs application already coded why wouldn't they just let ethernet frames containg the nasty tags! Any other suggestion?? Thanks!
  • not sure what else to suggest've already done more than I have with respect to this.  you might try googling the issue.
    only other thing I know to suggest is to to try the dos utilities from the broadcom page:
    I seem to remember them offering numerous different options that you could flip on the card and perhaps even the ability to replace images/firmware on the card.  that said, there's probably a risk of killing the card if you're not sure what you're doing.  It's been several years since I played around with them though (I was trying to turn off a boot from NIC setting).  I have no idea whether this will really help you or not.
    Lastly, they offer a contact us support page here.  It's worth a shot I suppose:
  • Thanks again NemesisDB, As you suggested, I tried those DOS diagnostic utilities with no success. They were only useful for diagnosis :P I also sent Broadcom support a message about this issue. Let's wait and see what they have to say. I'm almost sure that there has to be a simple solution. They already have the software for creating virtual logical network adapters (BASP), so the only thing to change would be to let the NIC drivers change the ethernet frame headers and FCS fields. Nothing too different from regular ethernet frames. I'll post any information I get from them Cheers!
  • Ok, I received an email from Broadcom support saying that they don't support VLAN tagging on their 440x cards and they don't have any plans for it. Argh! I don't know why! they have almost all solved! they just have to let the driver change a couple of bytes and that's all! Anyway, we'll continue to wait. If anyone knows something else, or a workaround. Please let us know! regards