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Inspiron 4150 cannot connect to the Internet (neither by wireless nor by cable), Please help!!

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Inspiron 4150 cannot connect to the Internet (neither by wireless nor by cable), Please help!!

  • Hi I just found my Inspiron 4150 (bought in 2003) could not get access to the Internet.  I have a wireless router/cable modem and they are both working fine (I can use my Axim 3i to get online wirelessly).  I used the ethernet cable with the laptop but it still didn't work.  However my wife's latptop (Dell 1150) works fine with the ethernet cable connected.
    In both wireless or ethnet cable situations, it says "you may have limited or no internet connectivity.." The lamp on the ethnet port shows yellow (not green).
    Is this suggesting my ethernet network card and Turemobile mini wireless card were broken??
    Any suggestions? I appreciate it! I wrote in a hurry so sorry for any typos!

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  • Try downloading and running winsockfix for Windows XP from the Here and if that doesn't work try lspfix from Here.  If neither fix the problem, report back and we'll suggest some more troubleshooting steps.


  • Hi Steve, thanks for the tip! The problem is solved! It works after fixing the winsock problem, (the first program you listed). Could you tell me what might caused the problem? Thanks!
  • Spyware and removal of spyware is often the cause of a broken winsock.  The presence of spyware combined with installation of SP2 for Windows can also cause corruption of winsock.  There are probably other things as well, but at least you can fix it now if it ever happens again.


  • Thanks! It is a irony that I have installed Microsoft Antispyware beta on my machine.  Well, yes, spyware is anywhere....
  • Hi Steve,

    I'm having similar problems on my inspiron 8600, and tried both of your suggestions, but to no avail.  My network connections won't work on back of laptop, nor from port replicator.

    Dell Tech Analyst dispatched Field Tech to replace motherboard, and that didn't work.  They determined s/w problem.  Repeatedly tried uninstalling/reinstalling Broadcom driver.  Weird thing is that when either the NIC or the wireless network adapters are disabled, the red X goes away!

    I've removed some seemingly problematic apps from my system, and what basically remains are a number of Windows Hotfixes that I cannot remove b/c they may affect too many apps.  Do you have any other suggestions besides reinstalling the OS (ugh!), which I really don't want to do w/o having some idea as to what the root cause of the problem is!

    There's a Dell Forum Community note re:  4150 replicator & the msg "network cable is unplugged," which I found when I searched for that string of words, but when I clicked on the link to check out the post, it told me ACCESS DENIED...double-UGH!

    I haven't upgraded firmware, b/c I don't know where to go to do that, and right now I'm defragging my very fragmented drive, as I contemplate upgrading to SP2...figure if I'm going to have to reinstall, I might as well give that a try first!

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!  Your note is the FIRST I found that actually had a resolve for someone that didn't suggest a reinstall of XP!


  • If you go into Device Manager and click the + sign next to network adapters, do both the ethernet adapter and the wireless network adapter show up and do both show up has having no problems?  Have you removed all spyware from your system?