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No wireless function on Latitude D600

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No wireless function on Latitude D600

  • I have a Latitude D600 that I purchased several months ago.  It was an upgrade from an Inspiron in order to get the mouse "stick" in the middle of the keyboard.  To make the upgrade easy, we ghosted the Inspiron, installed it on the D600, and kept our fingers crossed that it would work.  And it did, with one possible exception.  I can't utilize the wireless modem, if it even exists.
    Do the D600s come with wireless as an option?  If so, how can I tell if it's installed on the PC?
  • hi, if you go into control panel / system / hardware / device manager and scan for new hardware do you get any items with a questions mark under network adatptors or other devices indicating a wireless card exists but requires a driver installed?   if you do see an entry try download the latest driver from the dell suport site using your service tag #
  • Thanks very much for your response.  There are two devices under the Network Adapters section, one called "Instant Wireless - Network PC Card - Deterministic Network Enhancer Miniport" and the other called "Instant Wireless - Network PC Card - Packet Scheduler Miniport".  These are only available when I select View and Show Hidden Devices.

    Unfortunately, when I go to Control Panel --> Network Connections, I only see my wired LAN connection.  No wireless option exists there as described in the Dell system documentation.  And I can't figure out a way to add a wireless network connection here.

    Thanks for your thoughts thus far.  Any other ideas are greatly appreciated!

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  • Go here:

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

     to see how to open up the cover for the mini-PCI slot.

    If there is a card in there with two antennae attached to it, you have wireless. If the slot is empty, you don't have wireless. You can buy an internal wireless card (I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Intel card over the TrueMobile one) and stick it in there, or use an external. I would personally opt for the internal, since the D600 only has once PCMCIA slot.

    If you do have a card, you need to figure out if it's Intel or Dell TrueMobile. It should say somewhere on the card. Go to and mouse over Product Support, and select "Downloads" from the menu that appears.

  • Great tip - thanks!  I do not have the wireless card installed.  That's probably why I can't get it to work.  Time to see if it's too late to call Santa.

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