I have one of the early 1170 access points, and need the bin file to upload via the serial port as it seems it has been corupted.

Using the serial link and connecting via hyperterminal the following is displayed
Wait 5 sec to boot or type 'upload' if your firmware was corrupted
and you want to reload the firmware through the XMODEM protocol.

I have tryed to talk to support, but was passed around until somebody hung up on me, after 45 min on the phone.

I know most access points have a way of saving a copy of the image before upgrade, so if somebody could do that, email me at rod@longhofer.com "It will be very appreciated"

I have tryed to load some updates that seem to be for the newer models only, and it will take it then say preform upgrade? I enter yes, but it must be a wrong version.

Other model information of this unit.

DS/N TW-01H921-36211-1CP-6650
DP/N 1H921 | C/O TW |
Mfg 12/25/01

Im really supprized that there is no support for this, considering its not really that old.