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intel 8255x-based PCI ethernet adapter problem on Inspiron 8100 network connection

  • Hi, everybody,

    I am using windows XP professional and it's ok for months already. I got a pretty strange problem recently for network connection. When I restart my inspiron 8100 in the morning in my office (LAN link), I lost my network connection even though I didn't change anything last night before I shut it down. After several times I found the problem is from intel 8255x-based PCI ethernet adapter (10/100). When the time I had network, the Local Area Connection was using is adapter #2, while it was just intel 8255x-based PCI ethernet adapter when no network. Seems like the laptop choose between them itself. But I have only one adapter, and I can only see one each time in Hardware Device Manager. To resolve this problem, I have to uninstall the adapter and restart the computer and it will reinstall the adapter itself. But it will take several times to be lucky that the laptop can get adapter #2 back again. So I don't know what's wrong with my laptop. Shall I update the driver? But the driver works fine even during no network.......

    Thanks in advance
  • 1.  Reseat the mini-PCI card in the door onthe bottom of the notebook.
    2.  If that didn't cure it, boot to the Wondows Safe Mode (F8 while Windows just starts) and go to the Device Manager and delete or uninstall all NIC entries.  Then reboot and let it be found again.
    3.  Then use the link below in my sig to the Actiontec Intel 8255x Ethernet driver.

  • Hi, Johnallg,

    Thank you for your reply. I did all the sugestions you gave me, but the network still didn't work. I still can't find adapter #2, which works for me. Do you know how can I find the adapter #2 please?
  • That is just a registry entry for a network adapter it found (the 8255x one).  Are you sure you have your TCP/IP settings correct for your networks?  Check with your work network administrator(s) to see if they are set correctly.
  • Hi, Johnallg,

    We found the problem is from my 8255x ethernet card. It became unstable after a thunder storm night I think and it's dead now. When I use a pcmcia card, network is fine. Sorry to make you feel confused and thank you for your help. Have a nice week end.
  • If you are in the US or Canada, call Dell Spare Parts (numbers below) and you can get another Actiontec combo card, or try and see if they have the better 3Com 3CN3AC1556 combo, or alternatively google search the 3Com part number and get it from someone else.