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  • Forum Thread: No MMS, can't update to 7720

    My phone gets bricked if I update it to 7720, the touchscreen stops working and then if I try to use it the phone restarts. Any other version works like a wonder like the 7004, 7392, etc. So I'm waiting for the next version. I googled it and it says I can find the MMS settings in the EM but it...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak 7 to PC

    This is too stupid now. The whole world does not have Windows 7 or wants to pay EXTRA FOR EXTRA devices just to have a properly ruuning device. My manual sayS it should work with window XP. Can any explain this ??????? I have spent 2 frigging days now trying to get the streak 7 connecting for...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

    Well, I couldn't wait and I found this: Instructions are good, but make sure you uninstall the version of Zune you are running on your PC and install the version included in the package. Do not install the updates. Otherwise you'll...
  • Forum Thread: Will the Venue Pro be supported By Dell Beyond Mango?

    If there are any further updates beyond beyond Mango for windows phones, will the updates be available for the Venue Pro. I just ordered the Venue Pro yesterday, I am looking forward to owning this beautiful Mobile Phone created by Dell. I would like to know before my return deadline arrives as...
  • Forum Thread: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

    I've read that Microsoft has released Mango to manufacturers, which begs the question...when will I be able to upgrade my Venue Pro?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Venue Pro - is it truelly Locked Phone? Cannot use ATT SIM card. And Cannot Update to Mango

    Hi, I recently got the T-mobile version of Dell Venue Pro, and it was just unlocked by Dell Rep. ( I have to called a few times before one of them can do it for me. It really bad that Dell is marketing unlock and not providing the code easily. Additionally, not informing the tech support rep to provide...