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  • Forum Thread: BBB worthy complaints?

    I have a bit of a laundry list but I'm not sure if these are frivolous so here it goes. 1. Unlock Codes - You can call or email Dell about these and their official stance is that they no longer offer the codes for "retail pieces." It's not until you get your carrier (T-Mobile in my...
  • Forum Thread: DVP photo's are blurry

    So, what's the deal with DVP blurry pictures. I just dropped a load of cash on what is supposed to be the Cadilac of WP7 phones and every time I take a picture it suddenly blurs. Thinking about returning if this is unrepairable. Anyone else run into this issue?
  • Forum Thread: Venue Pro - camera died!?

    Ironically, My 16gb Venue Pro works fast, smooth and perfect in every way; no lagg whatsoever [i opened as many things possible, and had them run at the same time...and over...etc]. The issue here however is that, the camera does not seem to be able to recognize the phone, or vice versa. I called the...
  • Forum Thread: Windows Live Cache Files - Remove

    When I go into the "ME" icon to look at my windows live shared items I see photos I shared on Sky Drive that are up to 3 months old. I have since deleted the photos and the albums they point to from my Sky Drive, yet I still see 1 thumbnail from each one on the phone. When I click on the...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Venue Pro lighting settings and questions

    I just got my Unlocked Dell Venue Pro, and I have some questions... Is there an LED status light that is supposed to come on to notify about texts, emails, etc? Second, is there a way to keep the backlighting for the three buttons on the front on longer? Thanks! Stephen
  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak 7 to PC

    This is too stupid now. The whole world does not have Windows 7 or wants to pay EXTRA FOR EXTRA devices just to have a properly ruuning device. My manual sayS it should work with window XP. Can any explain this ??????? I have spent 2 frigging days now trying to get the streak 7 connecting for...
  • Forum Thread: [HELP] Venue Pro not connecting to 3G

    Hello, I have a Dell Venue Pro but it's not connecting to 3G. I'm using it in Canada on Wind mobile. I've tried everthing but when I go into marketplace or Internet Explorer it just says "We can't connect to Marketplace right now. Check your data connection or try again later...
  • Forum Thread: No MMS, can't update to 7720

    My phone gets bricked if I update it to 7720, the touchscreen stops working and then if I try to use it the phone restarts. Any other version works like a wonder like the 7004, 7392, etc. So I'm waiting for the next version. I googled it and it says I can find the MMS settings in the EM but it...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Venue Pro. " * " Any number dialed with a * in front just hangs up.

    I'm in Argentina and any number I phone with a * in front just hangs up the call. This is killing me because the number here to listen to voicemail is *555 and the service line is *111. Can anyone help me with this?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Venue Pro can not Start

    Hi, when power on my DVP, it only shows logo Dell. I tried to make a hard reset, connect with batery, remove sd card, but it not working. BR, Juan.
  • Forum Thread: Problem with ROM DEMO - Dell Venue PRO

    Hi, I bought a cell phone in the USA and come with a DEMO version of the operating system. I'm need to know where to download the ROM and the step by step how to install it. Best regards Juan.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Venue Pro getting Windows Phone updates? Fixes for WIFI?

    I got my device 6 days ago..i hav an awesome phone in my hand but for the annoying wifi question is, if this is a hardware issue, how can it ever be corrected by an update from dell? so does this mean that i can never get my phone fixed? i already love my device and even named it "SOLID...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Venue Pro Unlock Code help!!!

    Hi I bought an Unlocked Dell Venue pro (or so advertized) from Amazon, contract free. I live in Peru, so my phone got shipped and came to me, when i put my local SIM card in, it asks me for my PIN , or unlock code, which i dont have, i email Dell at hoping for them to give...
  • Forum Thread: DVP screen goes blank during call never to return?

    I just received a refurbished replacement phone on July 1st 2011. Everything seems to work on this phone except the Phone itself. It seems that the proximity sensor is reversed. When I pull up the dialer and cover the proximity sensor with my finger, the screen stays on but none of the onscreen buttons...