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  • Forum Thread: Dell Streak 7 Games do not run, System crashes; On Honeycomb 3.2

    Hi, My problem is with my Dell Streak 7 recieved Friday the 28th, the thing keeps rebooting and crashing, also no games work except some of them like Angry Birds, Minecraft Demo Pocket Edition, and more... None of the Tegra II Special games actually start... This is all on 3.2 Honeycomb Dell Released...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak 7 to PC

    This is too stupid now. The whole world does not have Windows 7 or wants to pay EXTRA FOR EXTRA devices just to have a properly ruuning device. My manual sayS it should work with window XP. Can any explain this ??????? I have spent 2 frigging days now trying to get the streak 7 connecting for...
  • Forum Thread: Brand new Dell Streak 5 Not Turning On and Not Charging

    How can a brand new Dell Streak 5, from a sealed box not turn on? After I regretfully sold my HD2 to buy the Dell streak 7 because I wanted a phone with a large screen, without even opening the box, I sold the Dell Streak 7 immediately because it did not have a phone feature to make calls. Then I...