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  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak 7 to PC

    This is too stupid now. The whole world does not have Windows 7 or wants to pay EXTRA FOR EXTRA devices just to have a properly ruuning device. My manual sayS it should work with window XP. Can any explain this ??????? I have spent 2 frigging days now trying to get the streak 7 connecting for...
  • Forum Reply: Re: my dell streak keeps crashing, and then restarting

    I am having same problem. Dell streak keeps crashing and restarting.. continuously.. I contacted dell streak customer support.. no one ever responded.... finally I got a work around.. I am using that crappy table/phone as a paper weight.... I think that is the most expensive paper weight I ever bought...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

    Completed the update process with a few hitches, but after a few days experience, I feel the Streak is finally what I hoped when I purchased it last year. Connected to my wireless network, I did the download and ran it. Backed up to SIM as recommended first (Nero), then and continued to execute the...