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  • Forum Thread: No OTA updates available in UK yet.

    Contrary to some info on the web and DELL's 2.2 update announcement, version 2.2 update for the streak is not available yet and they cannot even give an ETA of when it will be available. Like most of you i have been waiting for the update notification with great anticipation. I have an unlocked device...
  • Forum Thread: Standard Web Browser Does Not Load Pages. Opera Works.

    Hey. Loving the new update. I'm just having one problem. I cant load web pages in the standard browser. It sits there attempting to load for a bit then says that the page is unavailable. Its not a network problem because I'm getting emails, facebook and apps download. Opera mini works...
  • Forum Thread: Unlatching code for Streak locked with o2 UK

    Hi, We are few people looking for our unlatching code, now that o2 is no more exclusive in UK. I have been told that they are waiting from Dell to provide it for the last 10 days. Help requested for using this great device with Froyo 2.2. :) Many thanks.
  • Forum Thread: Dell 2.2 music doesnt show up

    Ive had a few issues with my new updated streak.. first off it didnt let me see any of my contacts and now none of the music shows up on the streak.. anyone know how to fix this?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak Froyo OTA Update for O2 Customers

    Hi I downloaded the new update on Friday morning and love it! much better than 2.1, however... Yesterday morning, my phone suddenly rebooted itself for no reason but got stuck on the Dell logo when trying to boot back up. I now can't get into my phone, I've tried leaving it a while,...
  • Forum Reply: Re: 2.2 Update Timing In US?

    hello it is sunday jan 30th i called first at&t asking them for the update once more and finaly got a lady online that read me a letter from at&t stating i had to call dell so i told her it was old and she insisted,so i called dell and spoke to (Eva)after a initial moment of blaming at&t...
  • Forum Thread: rSAP Suppoer For STreak 2.2?

    We all know Google truly made a mistake by not supporting rSAP in 2.2 (it was supported in 1.6 and 2.1). Can someone from Dell confirm rSAP will be supported in their 2.2? Without rSAP support i can not buy a Streak as it is a needed item and am rady to purcahse one. Thank you.
  • Forum Thread: Video on Skype or GTalk with 2.2.2

    Hi, I'd love to be able to use my front facing camera for video chat for the first time since buying the Streak, but neither the Skype nor GTalk clients will run video on Android 2.2.2, which is the last version of Android Dell have shipped. (ooVoo is no use to me because I have no contacts who...
  • Forum Thread: Is there a way to remove the 12821 Update?

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I did the update the other day and now the volume output on the headphones is horrible! Is there a fix for this or is there a way to remove this update without factory reset the...
  • Forum Thread: Fring

    Hi, I am using Fring on my Dell Streak Froyo 2.2 version. Before update to Froyo, Fring Video chat used to capture from Front facing camera only But after update to Froyo, It captures Video from rear camera . Do I need to make any changes to the settings. Appreciates help. Regards
  • Forum Thread: Exchange connectivity issues with 2.2 update

    Hi, I am unable to connect to my company exchange server with the recent 2.2 update. This is a known issue with Google's support on company signed certificate. A known fix is available in 2.2.1. When will it be available? Also Zinio pre-installed in 2.2 release is not working either. I cannot...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak Froyo OTA Update for O2 Customers

    There are two things that I cans share with you that you may find useful. 1) As a general point, as a heavy Steak user, I am constantly left with the feeling that this product was not engineered and developed with any passion or pride. I say that because the more you use it, the more you find functional...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

    will this fix the camera front view and sort out the address book issue i am having.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Update for Dell Streak Hong Kong ?

    Same here bought the streak in HK for a month and expecting android 2.1 update, is there any OTA update available before the froyo? Any feedback is appreciated!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak Froyo OTA Update for O2 Customers

    I received the update automatically. All went well with back up and installation until phone restarted and then I have had numerous problems since. Error message regarding calendar - this prevented me using the phone whatsoever as it would not go away no matter how many times I pressed quit. Luckily...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Streak - Crashes Regularly.

    I have the exact same problem, but my phone was purchased April 2011 and started acting up a couple of weeks ago. I have the additional problem of a cracked screen (I noticed it after I had owned the phone for a couple of weeks). The screen works perfectly but it does have that cosmetic issue. I'm...
  • Forum Thread: stuck on dell logo when running the latest update in amyb's faq

    I downloaded and am attempting to update my dell and it is hung at the dell splash screen. running GAUSB1A130500-US
  • Forum Thread: No Spell Check in Froyo

    Hello, I hope someone can help Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I ordered an unlocked Streak with 2.2 a received it last week. Baseband GAUSB1A130900-US Build 11548 About five minutes into trying...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Streak ATT, bought at bestbuy, was on 1.6, now on official 2.2

    WHOE!!!! Bestbuy got you 2.2 update. I brought my thur dell with ATT deal. Will bestbuy help me update my phone?
  • Forum Thread: I can't tell you how much I wish I'd sent it back

    I'm pretty frustrated with the whole Dell Streak update issue, it has poisoned me against Dell specifically and manufacturers generally who seem to think its acceptable to release sub-standard products just because they can be updated later, often at the users inconvenience. I wanted a Streak...
  • Forum Thread: Brand new Dell Streak 5 Not Turning On and Not Charging

    How can a brand new Dell Streak 5, from a sealed box not turn on? After I regretfully sold my HD2 to buy the Dell streak 7 because I wanted a phone with a large screen, without even opening the box, I sold the Dell Streak 7 immediately because it did not have a phone feature to make calls. Then I...
  • Forum Thread: 2.2 for Build 11-EU...

    is the build 11-EU froyo ever going to come????? still waiting.......... and its an unlocked device anyway.... or should i go and update to the Build 00-EU???? and apperently theres an international version, is there a link to it????? thx for answering these mystries.... :x much appreciated
  • Forum Thread: Dell Stage on other phones? So how why is it that Dell can release this to the world, but the Dell Streak still can't get Froyo 2.2 and Stage as an official update?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Venue Android - Car mode turns on when not connected to anything

    Hello, My Dell Venue keeps popping in and out of car mode randomly whether connected to the computer or not connected at all. Also this seems to drain the battery. Tried to turn it off and on again but that didn't help, I'm dreading a factory reset. has anyone encountered this? ...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Streak 7 to PC

    This is too stupid now. The whole world does not have Windows 7 or wants to pay EXTRA FOR EXTRA devices just to have a properly ruuning device. My manual sayS it should work with window XP. Can any explain this ??????? I have spent 2 frigging days now trying to get the streak 7 connecting for...