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Dell 11 Venue Pro 7130 - Unable to Uptrade Dock Firmware

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Dell 11 Venue Pro 7130 - Unable to Uptrade Dock Firmware

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My Venue Pro was sluggish so I factory reset Windows 10 Creators. Venue is now fast with Windows and Office 2016. During reset I did not touch  any installed driver. Before the Windows 10 resert, the Dell Dock Desktop was working well. After reset, it will not charge any external device as it did before.. Also the audiou out and the HDMI out do not work anymore.

I had firmware A3 installed in the Dock. I download the new firmware A5 an run it as per instructions. At some point, it will warn me: Tablet cannot detect external monitor through Dell Desktop dock as required.

I plug the external monitor in the Dock, run again the A5 firmware, it will display the same error. No wonder. If the Dock HDMI plug is not working, how could I expect the Dock to detect an external monitor. 

I am not able to upgrade the Dock firmware to try to solve the above issues. 

Please any advice is welcome.

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  • itmonitor,

    Which Dell Dock do you have? Did you download and install the drivers for the Dell Dock from the Dell Website? Please provide the correct Dell Dock model and I will take a look at a resolution.

  • Hello Jesse,

    thank you.

    I did not manage to install the Dell Dock drivers from the Dell Website, because they get stuck during install, they request connection to an external monitor. As the HDMI plug in the Dell Dock is not working anymore, the software cannot connect to my external monitor and the install gets stuck.

    My Dell Doc is model K10A, reg type K10A001, 19,5V. Now I have two codes in the Dock, one 01V3M8 and the other, in a glued label 85MR1.

    any help is welcome! :-)

  • itmonitor,

    Click the link below to choose the dock and download the online user manual for setting up the dock.

  • Hello Jesse,

    thank you. I did as instructed. With the automatic update, a new chipset was installed Chipset_Driver_GH5T3_WN32_10.1.1.18_A04_01.EXE. Then I downloaded manually the firmware for the Dell Dock Dell_Tablet_Dock_Update_Tool_41.27_M1YTP_A06_ZPE.exe

    It created a new folder in C:, meaning that this driver is different from the previous one that was causing the issues described in my original post.

    However, the issue with this new Dell Dock driver is the same: it asks me to plug the external monitor. Without the external monitor, the installation will not complete. I plug the external monitor and the Dell Dock will not recognize it, and the install of the Dock firmware will not proceed.

    I wonder why a firmware for a Dock requests us, users, to have an external monitor. What about those thousands of Venue 11 Pro owners that do not have an external monitor? The developer of this firmware  delivered a buggy thing, I believe. Incredible that nobody tested the firmware install before posting it for download.

    Please, how to solve this? I need to update the Dock firmware and try to get it back working as it was until two days ago.

    Any advice is welcome.

  • I'd like an update to this as well. The BIOS and chipset drivers are all current for me, but I never updated the dock firmware (as I was never informed there were updated firmware revisions during DSD). I have been running with an external monitor connected on DP for more than 2 years now. However today I got a monitor that I connected by HDMI, and the Graphics driver only clones the output of the DP and HDMI. I don't have the option of setting them as a second and third screen. My K10A does not show what firmware revision it has (I don't know where to find it). However, I tried to update to A02, A03, A04 and A05, and they all gave me the error to Unplug and plug back in after 15 seconds, but none of them updated. I have the same model numbers as user itmonitor.