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Latitude 10 ST2 Finally Usable.

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Latitude 10 ST2 Finally Usable.

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Originally came with 8.1 Pro.

Upgraded to 10 Pro (Anniversary)

Runs very slowly with all versions.

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  • Hi leonicholson,

    Thanks for posting.

    According to information from Dell Tech Support, the only Operating Systems supported on this machine are:

    Your Latitude 10 supports these operating systems:

    Windows 8, 32-bit
    Windows 8.1, 32-bit

    Windows 10 may work, however it may not perform correctly, and there would not be drivers from Dell available.

  • Ran Clean Install of .10 Pro (Anniversary)

    Installed Network drivers from Dell.

    Actually runs fast enough to use now.  Before it took several seconds to access email and scrolling was slow in Facebook.  Not a bad tablet overall, just hampered with original software and drivers.