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I have Venue 8 5830 , The reson for the reset SCREEN AND KEYBOARD CORRUPTED, you couldn't tap any where, it just quit working, but found a way on boot to get reset. Win 10 wipe the drive installed full version now there's no room left. IT was a bad mistake to reset.

   If I could D/L copy of 8.1 or 10 from dell so that its like it was when I bought it. Win 10 deleted all Partitions so there's no way to go back except 10, I'm not real smart and some time's I get in hurry and that's what happened . 

I can't get my grandson HOME SCHOOLING File on it Website said he'd have to start over which would be Summer and 3 week's of this year.It would be really hard start over.

   If someone knows if Dell has a D/L for OS That would probably solve issue, Funny almost 70 never thought I'd be back in school, If we could use BOOK's we wouldn't this problem. Hey Thanks for the look hopefully someone might have an Idea to save this tablet...

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  • Hi vtails,

    Thanks for posting.

    Have you tried a factory restore?

  • I guess you didn't read the part where I reset it and it wipe formatted drive so there's no way to go back to 8.1 . Win 10 installed FULL version why I don't know, now there is no space drive is full, It even gave an error SAYING DRIVE IS FULL CAN'T INSTALL UPDATE'S

      Do you think Dell has a copy of 6.1 or 10 That they shipped when it was new, cause it didn't have candy grape crush games , it barely had enough room when it was new and I don't have a OTG cable but found a way to make one on my phone( IPHONE 4 ) as that's the only way we have INTERNET.

    I know I sound Needy, but I'm almost 70 and my retirement ' supports 2 family's so we can't throw this away and buy new, sorry TMI but that's the reason for fixing this tablet.

     Thanks for the Link but that's what started this problem I hope maybe you think of some thing  

  • Apologies that I didn't see your mention that you attempted to restore the computer to factory settings.

    Please contact Dell Tech Support for assistance.  If that's not working for you, here is a link to one of the DCF Rockstar's page that might be helpful:

    You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session.

  • No apologies needed. I should have done better in life, I did try the restore factory settings and it goes though all the way to 99% and then starts at undoing then it reboots and says encounted problems and nothing was changed. It's a circle goes round and round. But I will ask Dell but I'm sure it will cost and that's fair, you can't work for Free, we have 2 cars, I don't need to really go anywhere, so maybe save a buck on insurance gas repairs this probably work out for the best.