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Latitude 5175: Bluetooth woes

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Latitude 5175: Bluetooth woes

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So after not having used my bluetooth for a while, I tried to use my BT mouse.

Initially, it can connect but only holds connection for 30 seconds before dropping (despite saying it's still connected in the bluetooth settings window)

Then I unpaired the mouse to re-pair it...and now the bluetooth state is completely unalterable. The setting window is there, but the on/off switch in the window is gone. 

Furthermore, device manager shows a new device failure in the USB section" Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed).

All my drivers are updated. In fact I even downloaded the generic BT drivers for the Intel AC 8260 wireless chipset (which were slightly newer than Dell's). No dice.

Any experience from other users here what's wrong, and how to fix it?

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  • Addendum: I can't even rollback drivers from Dell...there are no "other versions" listed in the Drivers site for Bluetooth

  • Addendum: I re-flashed the most recent BIOS at the recommendation of a friend who's undergone similar issues with another Dell device with the same chipset -- bluetooth device is back. Struggling with re-pairing with the mouse now.

  • I work at a company that uses several of these tablets and one by one they are all having this exact issue. I have attempted to update all drivers and windows updates, as well as a fresh install of windows 10 and bios updates. But they are all unfortunately either failing or have failed to stay connected. I have found no instance of any fixes or dell looking into a fix as of yet.

  • I just bought this tab refurbished, and after working initially, the bluetooth did exactly the same as yours.  I ordered an ASUS bluetooth usb nubbon, which worked immediately and perfectly until I restarted the computer, at which point, it also disappeared.  After removing it and another restart, the original BT options had returned (***).  Initially I couldnt get it to connect, but after a few restarts and some fiddling and many attempts, it is now working again.  I don't know how or why any of this worked, but it worked for me.