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charging with a 5volt 4amp charger.

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charging with a 5volt 4amp charger.

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Can anyone tell me if there would be any concern if I use a DC 5Volt 4AMP  20W Power Supply Adapter with my Dell Venu 8 Pro?

The reason for the question is, I have a small hub that allows me to charge my Dell and read data files on a USB stick at the same time. However, the current Dell charger (5Volts 2AMP) is not strong enough to actually increase the charge on the Dell while it is connected to the hub. The Dell shows that it is charging, but in reality is actually discarging, albiet, at a slower rate than without the charger attached.

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  • I haven't found anything specifically by Dell, and while it is preferred to use the adapter the system came with... I have personally used USB adapters with a higher AMP and Same Voltage (always use the same voltage... that's the most important, and with USB charging it makes it pretty much foolproof). Anyway, I can't guarantee it, but in my personal experience you should be fine and I have been doing this for years, since these devices will only pull the current needed/available, that is unless the adapter does something odd and changes volts etc., but I haven't experienced that yet.

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  • Brad, Thanks for that info.

    Have you or anyone else ever experienced a hub that doesn't pass the entire voltage/amps to the Tablet, even when nothing else is attached to the hub?

    It just seems odd that even though the Dell shows the charging Icon when it's connected to the hub, it isn't actually charging, even with the Dell being idle. Thus I thought that if I purchase a 5 volt 4 amp dc charger that maybe that would pass enough of the charge and amps to actually charge the Dell while connected to the hub.

  • I have seen something similar on tablets/phones when an adapter is used that doesn't have enough amps. For example the tablet/phone will show the charging icon, but will just be keeping the device alive longer but slowly losing charge (this can be observed using an old phone charger on a newer tablet etc. while the tablet is in use).

    As for a hub, it's possible if it is pulling an additional amount of current and not providing enough to the Dell, but do you have an example of the hub in use, and how the system is charging? I initially misunderstood the setup, like are you passing the charger setup through the hub, I just wanted to make sure I was following correctly, because while a higher amp charger might work, it might not change much depending on the setup in use.

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  • Thanks Brad.

    I got a more powerful charger and it is working well now.

    Thanks for the help

  • You could use a million amp 5 volt charger and it wouldn't hurt.  The current (amps) is what the charging device pulls from the charger, not what the charger is pushing into the device... that is the voltage, and it must be 5 volts.    

    But be aware that the way the Venue 8 knows that it is connected to a high current charger is that it senses that the data pins (two inner pin on the USB connector) are shorted together.  This short is present in the Dell charger.  If you use a charger that doesn't have this short, it will not work unless you use a USB cable with the short.

  • Thanks Jeff: That is exactly what I did.

    I created a small hub with 2 USB connectors and took the data pins (green to green & white to white) and then shorted between them with a 1.5k ohm resistor.

    With the new 5 volt power supply attached, I can charge the Dell and connect another device, like a USB drive and access it at the same time.

    I got this idea from a video post online.

    Although, when the Dell is being used, it shows that it is charging, but at best it is just maintaining the current charge level. If I leave it alone, then the charger can increase the charge level. So I wonder if the resistor is reducing the charge level that reaches the Dell.

    If I  remove the resistor and have a direct short between the green and white data cables, do you think that would improve the charging ability of the Dell while using this hub?