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EOL for Dell Venue 8 Pro?

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EOL for Dell Venue 8 Pro?

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Check these links out:

"Any Clover Trail-based device currently running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, version 1607, will be blocked from upgrading to the latest version: Creators Update, version 1703. And under Microsoft's new support calendar, that means you'll stop getting security and reliability updates for version 1607 sometime in the first quarter of 2018."


"Everyone knows that technology goes obsolete quickly, but Microsoft and Intel are taking that tenet too far for some folks. Owners of three- to four-year-old "Clover Trail" Atom-based PCs"

Here is another story:

"No Windows 10 Creators Update for you, Microsoft says—at least, not if you happen to be the unlucky owner of certain older Atom-based Windows devices, and other aging models in the future. After stories arose of failed attempts to upgrade such hardware to the Creators Update, Microsoft confirmed late Wednesday that any hardware device that falls out of the manufacturer’s support cycle may be ineligible for future Windows 10 updates."

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  • EOL?.... not yet. The Dv8P has a Bay Trail Atom Z3740D SoC ...which is the next generation SoC after Clover Trail.

    The W10 Creator's Update hit my Dv8P a couple days ago. No problems

  • "semi EOL". Dell hasnt released any updated bios nor drivers anymore for the Venue 8 Pro since years. Yes, it is literally dead. And all the drivers are unstable, especially the wifi one.

  • All the drivers for the Venue 8 Pro work fine for me. The WiFi issue maybe a hardware issue and not a driver issue. Why would Dell update the BIOS, it not like you can install upgraded hardware.that requires new BIOS features.