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Venue 11 pro 7140 - Realtek I2S Audio Codec Driver update

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Venue 11 pro 7140 - Realtek I2S Audio Codec Driver update

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I have problems updating the driver in object.

The Dell Command Update is finding updates for 3 drivers, one is the Audio driver (P32JJ).

From the log the other 2 drivers are installed correctly, and the audio is failed. Then if you reboot the Dell Command update propose again to install the 3 driver packages.

I tried to install the Audio driver as standalone (Audio_Driver_99G4C_WN32_6.4.10041.128_A05.EXE), but it freezes during installation and after a long time gives an error.

Please could you help me to solve this update issue?




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  • Thank you for your message.

    Uninstall Dell command update from programs. Install chipset from this link followed by the bios here

    Restart the computer & then install the Dell command update from this link , complete all Windows update & restart the computer again.

    Click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag registered name & email address.

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  • Hello

    I followed the procedure you described.

    After the Dell command reinstallation and update it found 4 updates.

    P32JJ - audio driver

    X37VM - chipset

    XDYTC - communications

    64GG6 - Chipset

    Again the P32JJ only failed and after reboot it proposes again the same 4 updates.

    Please add a function in Dell command Update to chose the updates you want to install.

    Please do you have any other suggestions?




  • I have the same issue, the Dell Update tool is just trash and buggy. I would suggest to format and install a clean Windows 10 with no Dell tools installed, you dont need any. Dont install any Dell drivers, just the large .cab file.

    Now run:

    Expand –F:* C:\Drivers\cab

    ( being the name of whatever the .cab file is named.)

    Now navigate to C:\Drivers\cab\extracted\folders\(x86 or x64 depending on if the system is 32-bit or 64-bit)

    Then run:

    for /f %i in (‘dir /b /s *.inf’) do pnputil.exe -i -a %i

    This will loop through every .inf file and the system will install every driver that’s included.