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Dell Venue 11 keyboard problems

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Dell Venue 11 keyboard problems

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Out of nowhere the snap on keyboard lost all functionality.  I first noticed it when the cursor disappeared.  I saw a video on youtube where I guy with similar problems took off the back of the keyboard and reconnected all the connections and that took care of it so that is what I did.  

This seemed to take care of everything except one strange thing.  If the keyboard battery is connected the cursor is gone.  As soon as I pull the plug the cursor is back.  All other functions work fine either way.  Can anyone give me some help on this one?  thanks

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  • Hi nate39,

    Can you test this keyboard on another system? Can you use the touchscreen keyboard?

    For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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  • After fiddling with the connections and battery for a while it is working now.  Of course, I have no confidence that it will continue to work.  I do have another system to test the keyboard on and yes, the touchscreen keyboard always worked, thanks

  • I have the same problem with the thin kb (no battery) since a few weeks... Only ms updates changed afaik... In rare occurrances before, but usually helped by turning bluetooth off and on again... But not this time... Any changes to the bt-stack recently???

  • Why ALL THESE PROBLEMS with Dell Units????