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Latitude 7275 active pen issues

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Latitude 7275 active pen issues

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I have the dell active pen pn556w that I use with my latitude 7275. It is constantly losing the connection and I have unscrew the top part and take battery out and then put it back in for the active pen to be detected by the latitude. At first thought it might be a defective pen so I ordered another one.This one is having the same issue. Any ideas how to fix this?

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  • Hi ElAguila,

    Active pen PN556W doesn't list Latitude 7275 as compatible systems. Maybe this is the reason for the issue.

    Have you tried to calibrate the pen/stylus with the LCD Screen?

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  • That is probably the issue then. Would the active pen 750-AATY work with it. If not is there one that is compatible?

  • The Latitude 7275 is listed as compatible.

    I am having a problem getting it to pair at all.  The pen actually works (limited capabilities) with windows 10.  But I don't see it under Bluetooth devices or in device manager.  

    I installed the ActivePen_APP_Driver_WIN_A02.exe and all the Dell drivers for the laptop are up to date, including the latest bios.

  • I bought the 750-ATTY(I BELIEVE IT IS THE 557W) and it works great on my 7275 running Windows 10 with creator update.