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Venue 7140 Pro battery

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Venue 7140 Pro battery

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Hello. I bought a "new" unused venue 11. the only thing i noticed about it is the 2% degradation of the battery. can someone tell me how much time i should get out of it before the battery dies? i get now around 4-5 hours depending on what i do. is this like normal?. and if i want to change its battery will any dell Venue 7140 battery works? because i couldnt find a battery for it online with the same part number, I only could find this part number "2H2G4". are they compatible?


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  • Venue 11 Pro (7140) released on 10/31/14. 4-5 hours is normal, depending on usage, how many apps, etc. 2H2G4 does not appear in our parts tool? These two batteries are compatible with the Venue 11 Pro 7140 =
    HFRC3, MCN5G 38WHR,2C,7.6v,Lithium,LG
    TXJ69, 251YP 38WHR,2C,7.6v,Lithium,Simplo

  • Thanks for the reply. its seems like 2H2G4 is some code name for this kind of batteries but i dont know.

    Anyway all the batteries i found online are 7.4v and not 7.6v

    can you tell me if this one for example is compatible?

    and if its not. do you have any idea where i can get one?


  • I cannot speak to 2H2G4 as it is not in our parts database. You should be searching using these part numbers =

    dell part HFRC3
    dell part TXJ69