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Latitude 5175 - a number of minor (ish) issues....

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Latitude 5175 - a number of minor (ish) issues....

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Hi - got a Latitude 5175 running Windows 10 v1703

Having a few annoying issues - anyone got any suggestions?

1. Sleep - can't get it to sleep for longer than a few minutes before going into Hibernation. Tried setting the power settings for Hibernation to 'never' and also to the highest possible number (999 minutes I think) - but neither work. Same on both battery or power. Really annoying as I have to wait for full boot up (DELL logo etc) before I can use it. Also, the power button gets confused sometimes and needs multiple long (10 sec+) presses to get it to respond

2. Display brightness - how do I disable the automatic brightness adjustment? Keeps going to 40% at night when I need it down at 10% (ish) - I set it down, and then a couple of seconds later it reverts back to 40%. Sometimes it will stay down where I set it for 5-10 mins, but other times I'm constantly fighting it.

3.Mail (this might be software not hardware) - every 1 or 2 weeks I find that W10 Mail app stops synchronising. I have multiple other devices on the same account / wifi that are working fine. Normally I end up using PowerShell to uninstall Mail app and reinstall to resolve it. Very frustrating....

I bought this as a 'reconditioned' unit, so I don't have access to Dell Support for this, so would appreciate any suggestions / help??


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    Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.

    Can you run the on-board diagnostics <F12> and capture any error message or code?

    Please update the BIOS and chipset to the latest version from the Dell Support site.

    Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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  • For the sleep problem turn off "Save me power when my device knows I'm away"  in Power & Settings menu.

    For display brightness do a search in this forum. The issue is resolved by downgrading your Intel DPTF drivers from 8.2.X to 8.1.X.

    No idea about your mail issues but by the sounds of it it definitely isn't hardware.

  • Thanks all

    I tried the 'save me power' setting briefly last night (but didn't reboot after I set it). This morning the tablet was 'off' again and needed a reboot.

    I'm about to try the older chipset install for the drivers, and a couple of reboots (and confirm all the power settings) - then I'll monitor progress.

    System Checker does say chipset and bios are out of date, so I may try those next if this 'downgrade' doesn't work.

    Really appreciate the help / suggestions


  • Paul, your tablet may go into hibernation regardless of settings if your battery drain during sleep exceeds a set limit by the system. Excessive battery drain in sleep is a whole other issue and will need to be addressed separately through the powercfg sleepstudy function to see what is draining your battery in excess.

    I would recommend upgrading to the latest BIOS and ensure the latest chipset drivers are installed just as good practice. Use the Intel INF installer from their website to install updated chipset drivers.

  • Thanks all - had to go to latest BIOS and chipset drivers to resolve the hibernate / sleep issues. (Also found some BIOS settings to help - set it to power back on from Hibernation when plugged in to charge, and also experimenting with the option to 'bleep' when powering up (as it's hard to know how long you have to hold the power button in to make it boot up)) - but then the 40% display brightness problem came back. Re-installed the old drivers (recommended above) over the up to date BIOS and drivers, and so far it seems to be good.  Time will tell.....

    Thanks for all the advice and links - much appreciated.

  • @PAUL.FLEETWOOD, would love to know how you went with this, especially your issue (1), hibernation / sleep.

    I've got a Latitude 5175 and am facing the same issues (1) and (2). (I don't use Mail, so can't comment on (3).) Thanks to @kurosawabobby for the solution to (2).

    I'm still working on (1) - I've got up to date bios and drivers for everything except the Intel DPTF driver (to solve (2)), but it's still entering hibernation even when I specify 'never'.

  • I haven't made any changes since my last post:

    go to latest BIOS and chipset drivers to resolve the hibernate / sleep issues - but then the 40% display brightness problem came back. Re-installed the old drivers (recommended above) over the up to date BIOS and drivers

    Initially ran like this with no hibernation set and I found that the battery went dead (which confirms the tablet wasn't going into hibernation). Now run with Hibernation set at 4 hours and seems to be OK.

    If anything, I find sometimes it just stays on (no screen off, no sleep) - but to be honest I'd rather that than it hibernating when I don't want it to.....

  • Thanks for the reply! I've just tried the 'powercfg /hibernate off' cmd - and so far it hasn't hibernated, but we'll see how we go...

  • Okay, powercfg /hibernate off works for disabling hibernation, but I've got the power drain problem that @kurosawabobby described here:

    I'll try downgrading the Wifi driver, as suggested.

  • I've found that the newest wifi driver 19.6.4 (I think that's the version) on Win 10 Creators Update works fine adding no additional drain. I've also found that letting Windows install your drivers rather than using the Dell ones also helps. If you don't need an SD card in the machine all the time I would eject that too.

  • Thanks @kurosawabobby! I'll keep that in mind if I find the old wifi driver doesn't do the trick.

  • Thanks @kurosawabobby, I'll keep that in mind if I find the older wifi driver unsatisfactory.

  • About the 40% issue: read this thread. Solution's there (I had the same issue and kurosawabobby helped me fix it)

  • Have anybody got too long time of system loading with .027 or .028 BIOS?

    DELL logo freezes for 3-4 minutes without any changes.

  • Sorry, I'm still on 1.0.26 so I can't help.