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Dell Venue Pro 11 Travel Keyboard Won't Type

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Dell Venue Pro 11 Travel Keyboard Won't Type

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So I have the strangest issue that popped up on me; I was in lecture earlier this semester and was taking notes and all of a sudden the screen froze for a moment and now it seems I can't type with the travel keyboard. The travel keyboard still recognizes a lot. 

While using the travel keyboard I can:

+See it listed as battery #2

+Charge it through the Dell Venue Pro 11

+It removes the on screen keyboard upon docking

+It puts the Dell Venue into sleep mode upon closing

-It just won't type??? (Nor use the track pad, caps lock key also doesn't shine)

I've tried all the two recommended keyboard drivers but they haven't seemed to help. Any assistance would be great.

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  • Same issue here... Thinking about contacting the support tomorrow.

    How did you get it fixed?

    Best regards!!

  • I could never solve the typing issue! Now my Venue sits closed as a wide, flat, expensive, paperweight all because of what I believe as one bad driver.  :'(

    I was able to find someone with a working venue in an attempt to isolate the problem. I found that using my travel keyboard with their Venue demonstrated that the travel keyboard works. Using their soft keyboard on my Venue did not work. So the problem has been isolated to the Dell Venue Pro 11 itself, opposed to the keyboard.

    Let me know if you get any feedback from support!

  • Did you every get any answers/solutions/feedback for this problem? I am having the same issue, brought a new mobile keyboard and still does not work. Ideas? Or do I now have a fancy paperweight and sudden emergent need for a new computer.

  • I got it working again! Since I couldn't get help from DELL I decided to open it up and replace some parts. The first thing I did was replace the physical peg connector on the dell venue itself--this didnt work. I was frustrated and thought I'd change just one more thing. I replaced the wide keyboard ribbon cable that runs from the peg connector under the battery to the motherboard- This worked!!

  • my battery keyboard is sort of dead now.  Only the arrow keys, space bar and some function keys work, but not the alphabets nor the numbers.  What should I do?  I tried to connect to a bluetooth keyboard, the same applies to the Bluetooth keyboard (keys not working).  Is this something to do with drivers or what?

  • seems like the support just don't care