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Wireless issues after upgrading Venue 5130 to Windows 10

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Wireless issues after upgrading Venue 5130 to Windows 10

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Upgraded my Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 to Windows 10 without a hitch, but once it booted up it's not detecting the wireless adapter.  It shows as fine in Device Manager, but nothing in Network and Sharing Center.  Installed the latest BIOS and chipset drivers, even reinstalled the network driver but it was for Windows 8.1.  The support page says this device is supported for Windows 10, so am I missing a driver?

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  • Still having issues, tried the driver below.

    Any ideas?  I really don't want to revert to my backup of Windows 8.1.

  • I haven't been able to tell what that "new" driver actually does.  It makes some changes to the Bluetooth stack, but it definitely does not update anything related to the WiFi.

    But, I've had no trouble at all with WiFi on my DV11P-5130 on Windows 10.  This is one of the few things that has always worked well, even through all of the beta versions.  I would suggest uninstalling and deleting the WiFi driver from Device Manager until it's gone completely.  Then reinstall the package above. 

  • I tried that, but I'm still having no luck, and now the adapter doesn't even show in Device Manager.

  • I'd entertain reinstalling Windows 10, but since I don't have an internet connection I can't create the installation media, and I don't have another x86 machine handy.

  • How do you activate Windows 10 if you clean install, but it never self activated?

  • Just wanted to bump this for any  other suggestions.  Restored to my backup and updated a couple drivers, confirmed my WiFi and USB to Ethernet adapter were working, then ran the upgrade to Windows 10 once more.  Again after it finishes it will not detect the WiFi or USB to Ethernet adapters.  It sees the WiFi in Device Manager, just not Network and Sharing Center.  Uninstalled from Device Manager including driver, then reinstalled the driver package and it still doesn't work, and now doesn't even show in Device Manager.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions.  I'm all for clean installing Windows 8.1 but I don't know how to activate after it's done.

  • I don't know the actual answer to your problem - on my 5130, the wireless seems OK after the upgrade, although it's causing massive power drain in connected standby - however I can answer your activation question. Once you've done the upgrade, information about your machine & its activation state is stored on microsoft's servers. If you then do a clean install, it checks that database, sees that you're activated, and activates your fresh install.

  • I installed also windows 10 in my Dell laptop and works fine

    Make sure you install all of the windows updates

    But anyway personally I will reinstall windows 10 it crashed for multiple times

  • No answer here, but I'm having the same problem. Tried uninstalling drivers and also a system restore but the network adapter doesn't seem to want to work despite seeing it in device manager.

  • there are two unknown devices in the device manager when you boot up win10.  the one with ?SDO? something or other is the WIFI adapter.  update it's driver with the driver from the dell site.  Manually install the driver after you extract the file to your computer.  the second unknown device is the Bluetooth adapter manually update the driver for it too.  selecting the correct device from list and you will have your Bluetooth.  windows recognized the devices incorrectly and they want install properly.  i tried running the WiFi/ Bluetooth driver install and it failed on my venue 11 pro 5130.  but ones i manually installed the network adapter and the Bluetooth from list for each everything started working.  I just used the bios to disable the wireless devices one at a time to figure out which devices were which.