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Dell Venue Pro 11 and Dock

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Hello all,

I have a Dell Venue Pro 11 7130 and the docking station. I cannot get an external display to work using either the HDMI or Display port connectors. I have 2 Dell E198WFP (1440x900) both connecting using the DVI inputs. The display sometimes appears but the resolution is wrong or the refresh rate is trying to run at 75Hz despite being set to 60Hz

As far as I can tell the drivers etc. are all up to date, the tablet can connect to an external display using the built in mini HDMI port with no problem?

Any suggestions anyone please?

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  • Hi, the dock rarely works for me... the workaround I found is to unplug dock power and re-plug. (works 95% of the time, I get the monitor that way). This is with model 7130.

  • Sorry, chief.  I've had several docks, and it's always worked for some period of time and then stopped working.  About a year ago, Dell put out some new firmware that fixed it for a couple days longer.  The promise of the tablet and the dock was intriguing, but it's never worked.  I wish I could get my money back.

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  • Having read other posts and trying some other kit I have come to the following conclusion. In order to use the HDMI port on the dock with an HDMI to DVI adapter the DVI port must by HDCP compatible on the monitor and you have to plug the DP dock port directly into a DP socket on the monitor as a DP to DVI adapter will not work even if the port is HDCP compatible. Can anyone clarify this is the only way to display the tablet screen and two external monitors as extended desktop? I am looking at purchasing 2 x P2214H screens to make this work properly.

  • No... I have four HDCP compliant DVI-input monitors, different models, and I can not get any of them to work with an HDMI to DVI adapter nor a DP to DVI adapter.

    Additionally, I had trouble going HDMI directly to my TV, it also just gave me a blank screen.

    Something deeper is going on, driver wise, per the other thread on this topic... Brian @ Dell is still working on trying to figure out why *some* adapters work and others do not.

    For me, I "solved" my problem by buying two new DP monitors.  This isn't an option for most, but for me it was OK because my current monitors are about 8 years old now.

  • Still trying to get to the bottom of this.   I tested with a bunch of adapters yesterday and couldn't reproduce with HDMI to DVI at all (everything worked fine).  I had no luck with DP to DVI.   Please keep posting specific information on monitor model numbers, cable details and adapter details.   That will help!

  • I'm having most of the same issues as others in here with my Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 and the dock.  I tried a Dell DP -> DVI adapter with a Dell P1908 and that didn't work, didn't even detect the monitor.  So I tried a Dell HDMI -> DVI adapter with the same monitor and this time it identified the monitor in the display port utility as a Dell P1908W but it wouldn't display on it.  Tried using WIN+P and clone and nothing, tried using just the second screen and nothing.

    So I switched to a 55" Sony LCD TV using a straight HDMI cable and I got the screen to go to a blank purple background like on the Venue but the Venues built in display went blank (yet it had the start menu on it).  I could move a mouse on the TV but couldn't right click and get any options.  I then tried using a straight DP cable to a Dell P2214HB monitor and that didn't detect the monitor but DID black out the display.  If I unplugged the DP cable the display came back, plugged it back in and no display on the Venue and the monitor said power saving mode. 

    Finally I used a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable to the same Sony TV directly plugged into the Venue without the dock and again the Venue went blank while the TV showed a purple background and again I could see the mouse (externally connected) but couldn't right click or do anything since the actual start menu was on the now blank Venue.  I tried the WIN+P combination on the blank screen and selected both Venue display only and clone with no change.  I unplugged the cord and the Venue lit right back up.  Plugged the cord back in, blank.  Unplugged, Venue back on. 

    This was with both the Intel video drivers it shipped with (October) and with the newer updated ones currently on the drivers page (December).  Both had the same results which means there are definitely huge bugs in the drivers since I had almost the same results with both the Venue directly (mini-hdmi) and it's dock.  I've also gone through and updated the BOIS to the latest (A05) and the touchscreen firmware (which it needed and thankfully did fix a lot of smoothness issues with the screen) and it didn't help the display.

    Without the ability to plug a monitor in the dock is really a waste.


  • Hi, the dock rarely works for me... the workaround I found is to unplug dock power and re-plug. (works 95% of the time, I get the monitor that way). This is with model 7130.

  • This is terrible news. Once you got it working. You can use a hdmi and display port monitor simultaneously? 

  • I have also experienced this issue of no display output from the docking station.  I opened a ticket with Dell the first time this happened and they sent me a different dock.  This seemed to work for few days, but since then I have had no luck.  I have display to display cables and  HDCP compliant DVI-input monitors. I also have tried a Dell hdmi to dvi adapter and a display to dvi adapter.  None of these have helped. I got a 2nd tablet and dock and still have no output to my monitors.  My monitors are Dell P1913s. I might have suspected the monitors, but I have had output for a couple of days.  The result is 2 docks that I cannot get display output from.  Has anyone heard of a solution?   When the display did work, I did have output to both the display and hdmi ports simultaneously.  I tried the unplug - plug, but it did not work. 

  • I'm having this issue as well. The first docking station I had I could connect to my TV, but there were other issues with the docking station, USB ports were not longer working. The second dock does not work to connect to my TV.

    I hope there is a resolution and that it is found soon!

  • I am also having this issue.  Just tried to set up the dock this week and can't seem to get it to communicate with the external monitors thru the dock.  It does work from the screen (mini hdmi to vga pigtail) fine.  Let me know what the work around is.

  • This is disturbing, as I just ordered the dock and Venue Pro 11 with the idea of using it as a desktop on a KVM switch along with my other desktop.  What I'm getting from this is that the dock doesn't actually work with an external monitor?  So . . .  why the heck is Dell selling docks?  Isn't that the whole purpose?

  • I was told by Dell that it's a known issue, and that the engineers are working on a hot fix to address this issue. One of the reason that I bought my Venue 11 pro was to connect it to a 55" LCD using the HDMI port on the dock. If Dell knew this didn't work why did they rush the product to market? It's a beautiful tablet, but not functional. I'd like to stick with the brand, but the Surface is looking really good right now. 

    Hope this helps

  • It does work. I use dual monitors with display port and hdmi. No adapters though. It works flawlessly for me

  • That's encouraging.  Thanks.

  • I continue to have issues using a HDMI to DVI adapter or DisplayPort to HDMI/VGA cable. Dell needs to focus their next driver update on fixing this issue.

  • My Dell 2405FPW does not have an HDMI port so I connected a DVI to HDMI connector. It did not work with the venue 11 Pro Docking station. I spoke with several people at Dell who told me the docking station only works with an HDMI connection ...DVI to HDMI will not work. Bought a new monitor and using a pure HDMI cable, it worked perfectly ...until two days ago.  I tested several other HDMI cables and had no luck. Bought an HDMI to Mini HDMI cable and my large monitor connected just fine to the tablet's mini HDMI slot. So the problem is the dock. Why did it work for a month and suddenly stop working?