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Venue pro 11 dock Displayport to DVI

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I want two monitors and have a HDMI monitor connected and working. I tried to connect the second monitor through a Displayport to DVI cable and get no signal. The system seems to recognize that a generic monitor is connected. Should this work? Is there something that needs to be configured?

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  • See the other thread about the dock.  I cannot get the Displayport to output anything and I cannot get the HDMI port to correctly output to a DVI monitor with an adapter.

    Seems to be some problems with the video outputs on the dock...

  • You can only run dual monitors via the desktop dock if you have the 7130 (not the 5130).   I've tested it and got them working at FHD.    There are some posts on the forums about weird issues though that we're still looking into.   Which system do you have?  

  • I have a Venue Pro (7130) and am trying to get dual monitors working through the dock using a DisplayPort to DVI adapter.  I can't get any output via the DisplayPort while using the adapter.  Should this work?

  • jbailey898

    I have a Venue Pro (7130) and am trying to get dual monitors working through the dock using a DisplayPort to DVI adapter.  I can't get any output via the DisplayPort while using the adapter.  Should this work?

    I'm checking with engineering on whether a standard DP to DVI-D adapter should work or not.   So far, I've only been able to get a USB powered Bizlink DP to dual-link DVI adapter to work.   None of my standard DP to DVI-D adapters work thus far.
    DP to DP should work fine, even for 2 daisy chained DP 1.2 monitors.   (This is on the 7130 only by the way).

  • Hi Brian... we have not had this level of success, I'm afraid. We haven't tried DP monitors though. 

    Even HDMI to VGA output from the dock is inconsistent depending on the version of video driver we try. 

    Can you confirm the version of the Intel HD4400 driver you are using to get these results?

    Also, has there been any hardware revisions of the dock K10A other than 001?


  • I have the Venue 11 Pro 7139 and I have had luck with a HDMI Dell monitor with no issue. Using the Display Port or HDMI with a DVI Adapter I'm having no luck at all. My 2 cents
  • I have 30  7130 models with Docking Stations.  We are using ACCEL active Display Port to DVI adapters and USB Pluggable cables.  I am finding 95 % are working just fine.  The other 5 % are having issues.  On one particular 7130 with Docking Station when you power it on only one 1909 display and the Tablet monitor will have a display.  I changed the cables between  the two 1909 flat panels and the display that was hooked on the pluggable USB connection always worked and the Display port would not.   I tried another Accel active Display port to DVI cable, switched Docks, tried a non-active BizLink cable and no luck.  However when the setup was switched to the original dock with the original Accel cable and the power to the dock was removed and restored it worked.  It has Bios 10, Windows 8.1 Enterprise. all updates.

    Question why is it working when you remove and restore power?


  • I have two Samsung S23C350 monitors which have a VGA and an HDMI port. I am able to get one working with the HDMI to HDMI from the Dell Dock. I have a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to the second (3rd) monitor which will not work it recognizes the 3rd monitor but will not send an outpout. It keeps giving me this error: "The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings."

    I do not have a DP port on either monitor. the only other method I have not tried is DP to DVI/VGA?

    I believe I have a Venue 11 Pro 7130 (how do i verify?)

  • I do am having this problem with my 7130.  The HDMI seems to work fine and consistently, but any DP to DVI adapter I use failed to do anything.  I haven't tried with a DP monitor as I don't have any.  If Dell would like to send me one, I would love to test it and see if it will work. :-)

  • I've suffered through this scenario also. I'm using the Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130) and the K10A dock.  After a month+ wait and several escalations with Dell Support, they finally informed me that the K10A doc revision A00 doesn't properly support dual monitors.  They had shipped out a K10A revision A01 and it does work properly without the need of "active" adapters.  I've got 3 screens working -  dual external monitors along with the tablet screen itself (on Win8.1pro) .

    I've tested this with DP to DP monitor, DP to DVI monitor. HDMI to DVI monitor.  Works properly now.

  • Hi

    I am glad to see we finally seem to have a solution to this however shipping a new dock to every customer with the problem might be an issue.

    Is there a way to update the BIOS on the dock itself without having to replace it?

    It would seem likely that an update from A00 to A01 should be possible locally.



  • I don't think it's fixed yet. I ordered three of the Dell Venue 11's (model 7130) with the docking stations for a test bed. My docking stations are model K10A / Type K10A001. They were received in late March and Early April. I am using HDMI to VGA and DisplayPort to VGA adapters. On the HDMI port, every monitor I have used has worked flawlwssly. On the DisplayPort side, every monitor flickers. I have tried NEC, ViewSonic, Acer and multiple models of Dell monitors. Every monitor I have tried flickers constantly on the DisplayPort. If you switch the monitor to the HDMI port, it stops flickering. I have tried different adapters which doesn't fix the issue.
  • We found a monitor internally that doesn't seem to work consistently as well (Dell U2312H).   This one does seem to work if we go to the much older video driver. (

    Can you guys who are seeing problems with DP try this and let me know your results by monitor model and driver version?   

    I'll get the details pushed to engineering to get this resolved - probably just need some more video driver tweaks for certain monitors.


  • Our previous driver version was I downgraded the driver to the link you provided. The driver version is now The downgraded driver has made no improvement on the flickering. To get a little more specific on the symptoms, at startup the flickering is extreme and constant on the DisplayPort. No flickering on the HDMI port, ever. Once the system gets through the startup process, it calms down a bit. Once you open a program or application, the flickering returns. All programs are opening on the HDMI screen, with no activity on the DisplayPort, yet it still starts to flicker when applications are in the process of opening or in heavy use on the HDMI display. The flickering is also sensitive enough that I can start moving the mouse cursor back and forth for 4 to 6 seconds and it will begin to flicker again. For clarity, the HDMI port is my primary display with DisplayPort being the secondary display. The DisplayPort is an extension of the primary HDMI display, it is not a replication of the primary.
  • I forgot to give you the monitor models: 3 x Dell - E198FPf 1 x NEC - LCD17V-BK 1 x ViewSonic - VA702b 1 x Acer - AL1716 These are older monitors but have no issues with either driver on the HDMI port.