Venue 11 pro keyboard keeps disconnecting

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Venue 11 pro keyboard keeps disconnecting

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When I plug my venue 11 pro into the mobile keyboard (the one with the extra battery) it will work for about 5 minutes, but then the tablet stops recognizing the keyboard and the keys and touch pad no longer work. I have to turn off the screen and turn it back on to get them to reconnect. How can I fix it so they stay connected all the time? 

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  • I did the regedit yesterday, and for the last 24 hours I've had no problems.  they keyboard seems very responsive now and no need to turn off & on.  from the regedit description I'm concerned about battery life, but thus far I don't see any real battery life changes.

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  • I'm having this same problem. Seems quite random. Only program I had open at the time was chrome with dropbox running in the system tray. The keyboard stops responding and even the caps-lock light stops responding.

  • Same issue here. Just bought.

    Would be great with a response from Dell here. Should I return the product?

  • Do you have Venue 11 Pro 5130 (the Atom based unit)?    Is this the thin keyboard or the travel keyboard (e.g. with battery)?

    What specifically happens when you lose connection?   Just no functionality (typing or mouse)?   How often does this happen?

  • Yes, it is the Atom based unit. It is the travel keyboard with battery. What happens is suddenly the keyboard dies, nothing works. To get it back to action, just press power off and put it to sleep for 1 second, power up and it works again. Very irritating. Happens 3-5 times an hour. All functionality is dead both keyboard and mouse.

    Also, I find that wifi is spotty. Often there is a pause in data transmission for maybe 20-30 seconds after which it picks up again. 

    Are those known problems with known solutions?

  • I have that exact same unit sitting on my desk in front and me and can't reproduce yet.    Do you know which version of the BIOS you have?  I'm running A04 ->

    I have the web posted WIFI driver installed as well ->

    I'll set up ping window and see if I can see any packet drops.    Please be sure that you've taken all available Microsoft updates and that your router has the latest available firmware.  

    Seeing a few people report this and will definitely get to the bottom of it, but I need to understand how to reproduce it first.





  • How do I check which BIOS version I have?

    Secondly, I have not changed driver. The one I am using was the one that came preinstalled. Is the web posted one you are referring to different from the pre-installed one?

  • If you go to the search tool (swipe in from the right) and type MSINFO32 and hit enter, you can see your BIOS version listed under "BIOS Version/Date".  If you have A03, please download and install A04.

    I'm not sure which WIFI driver you would have - depends on when your unit was built, but it probably wouldn't hurt to download the new one, uninstall the old one and then install the downloaded version.   I've had a constant ping going to since the last message and I haven't dropped a single packet yet.   I'm also downstairs and a long way from my second floor closet router.

    Let me know.



  • On the WIFI stuff, can you post your driver version?   I just did 10000 pings of and had 9997 received and 3 lost, so my unit does not seem to be seeing a problem with WIFI. 

  • l would like to discuss the original topic regarding the keyboard.  I have the same equipment (venue 11 Atom BIOS A04, travel keyboard with battery in it).  I am experiencing the sporadic unresponsiveness of the keyboard/touchpad as well.  Sometimes it will become responsive again after a few seconds or when I Alt-TAB to another app and back to the original while on other occasions it will require me to tap the power button and then press it again in order for the unit to start responding again.  Any insights into this would be appreciated. 

  • Are you pretty technical?   Would you be comfortable trying a regedit workaround that might fix this issue temporarily?   Regedit isn't hard (if you've never done it before), but it is extremely important that you follow the instructions exactly.   If you change something that you shouldn't change, you could cause any number of problems with your machine, from minor to no longer booting.

    If you are comfortable with this, please let me know and I'll send you the regedit to try.


  • Is anyone seeing this occur on the Venue 11 Pro 7130 or just the 5130 (Atom version)?

  • Yes, I am technical.  Send me the regedit and I will test it out.

  • To others - please don't try this if you are not comfortable with the risks described in the previous emails.   This will negatively impact your battery life.

    1) Run regedit

    2) Browse to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\

    3) Locate each entry labeled VID_06CB&PID_2819xxxxx (I have four on my machine, one that ended in 2819 only and three others with 2819&MI_0x where x is 0, 1 and 2)

    4) Expand each tree until you get to the "Device Parameters" and click on it

    5) On the right side of the editor, you'll see an entry for "SelectiveSuspendEnabled".   Change the value from 1 to 0.

    6) Repeat for each VID_06CB&PID_2819xxxxx entry.

    7) Close regedit, shut down and restart.

    8) Check if this has resolved the issue or not.


  • I have made the change and will test it out to see if the behavior stops.  Any ideas how negatively this will impact battery life?  What all do these registry entries control?  I value my battery life and it was one of the key features of this tablet I like.  Thanks.

  • Hi Brian,

    I have the atom tablet with the full keyboard (with the battery inside).  it happens about every 10 minutes or so.  I don't think it's an issue with the tablet because the touch screen still works- it seems to be an issue that communication gets lost between the keyboard and tablet.