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How do you reset the Venue Pro 8?

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How do you reset the Venue Pro 8?

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I'm just too attached to my iPad.  Dell sales rep talked me into the tablet while I was purchasing a new Latitude E6530 laptop.  I've tried to use it for almost a month but have given up and am returning it.  How do I clear all my personal information; email, contacts, calender, etc?  I have the return authorization number but want to reset it to factory condition before sending it back.


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  • Hi Danny,

    I'm sorry to hear that your table isn't working out for you.

    You can reset the device back to factory settings by going into the "PC Settings", you do this by swiping up and searching for settings. Select "Update And Recovery", then "Recovery", and lastly choose "Remove everything and reinstall Windows". Follow the prompts making sure to choose "Fully clean the drive". After the machine reboots you should be all set.

    George D

  • Yeah I know what you mean the dell pro 68 sucks ,I was I had gotten and android tablet,I do not let the 8 pro at all in fact I have set it up tried to use it reset and put in my desk drawer

  • my dell pro 8 is junk never buy one

  • Thank you for your so-helpful posts.

  • The tablet itself isn't anything great, but is works well as a tablet. It is underpowered for most serious business or gaming needs.

    It is however a useful second computer, I just wish it had a video output port which would make it much more useful device.

  • Would be nice.  But just add a USB video out adapter cable, as second best?

  • I have tried to do this, but it tells me that some files are missing on mine. It say your windows installation or recovery media will provide these files. where is that at?

  • I'm trying to reset my Dell venue pro 8 to get a fresh start. but when I go to recovery it just hangs then jumps back to the app screen.

  • To update when I got home and got WiFi I was able to get reset to run but now it is saying missing files insert media same as the question above. Were do we get recovery media?

  • I've done this twice now, but nothing improves.  I contacted Dell but because the warranty expired before I purchased it (***?) I couldn't get any help other than to return it as an exchange.  So I exchanged it for a new one.  Result?  Now my account says I don't have one, I have a new one but because my account says I don't have the device I can't get any help, and now it serves as little more than a paper weight.  I tried telling them, hello, this thing is in my hand.  Now I've done a full clean again.  Maybe it'll finally work.

  • I, too, thought of a factory reset since I can't retrieve my password. I get into bios but that's it. I can't reinstall Windows as I have no disk.   Is there a way to get a link to download it if I write to Dell and give them my registered serial number?

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