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Dell Venue 8 Pro WiFi Issue

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Dell Venue 8 Pro WiFi Issue

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it seems either way I disable the Wi Fi by the 'switch' itself or 'Airplane' mode it is a pain to get it on and have to manually 'disable the entire WiFi and then enable it joggin the WiFi off and on til it seems to catch on I am trying to turn it back on. I am only trying to turn it off to save battery right now but is this normal? Will a fix be forth coming because i'ts a pain right now.

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  • I have not tried the audio but I figured out the WiFi issue, update you're tablet with all dells venue 8 pro drivers and software, if it says the driver or software is newer than what's being installed cancel that installer and move to the next one. Next, toggle Bluetooth off then back on and keep Bluetooth on, I've not lost WiFi yet since I did all that. Good luck!

  • All of the problems described here are also happening on the Venue 11 Pro. If the tablet is left unused for a few hours, the wireless goes to sleep and won't wake up. This happens even if the tablet Power Management Sleep setting is Never, and happens whether or not the unit is plugged in. Usually toggling Wireless off and on using the charm will fix it. But today I had to go into Control Panel and disable/enable the wireless network adapter to get it to wake up.

    This is similar to a problem that Dell machines used to have with the wireless power plan settings. However, on this tablet the driver software seems to be incomplete as it does not have wireless power plan settings. I don't think it is a defective adapter, I think it is defective software.

  • Matter of fact there is :P

    I discovered that todays updates (12/10) have broken the wifi again.  The fix is to delete windows update (KB2903939).


    Im not sure what Dell is waiting for in regards to fixing these incompatible windows updates with its firmware.  (I installed the latest 12/9 firmware)

    I would go ahead and disable windows updates from automatically installing updates.  If you really want to be up to date, youll have to update each update 1 by 1 to weed out the bad ones.


    Hope this helps!

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  • I cannot seem to turn it on at all. I had it on for a little while I set it up, but then it got turned off and I cannot turn it back on. I tried turning airplane mode on and off and then trying wifi again, I tried turning my tablet off and then on and then turning wifi on, nothing works. I was loving my tablet until this, I can't do anything on it now because I can't connect to the internet!

  • I'm having the same issue. Update you're bios and it helps the wifi reconnect after a windows restart. If that doesn't help reset the tablet completely. I hope dell or Microsoft fixes this serious issue soon.

  • "Fantastic tablet. I don't have much to add to the other reviewers except to say that on the first night I had two instances where the tablet lost WiFi connectivity. WiFi was enabled but didn't show any WiFi signals. Turning WiFi off and on and doing a reboot doesn't fix the issue. After doing a Windows Refresh the first time (losing much of what I had installed and configured) it worked for a while but then later happened again.

    I ran a diagnostic of the hardware and the problem is Dell's WiFi driver. If you encounter this problem go to the Dell site, download the Dell Wireless 1538 WAPI Application (File: DW1538_WAPI_2007_WB32_setup_ZPE.exe) updated on 23/October/2013, install and reboot. If fixed the problem right away"


    I just found this today I'm going to try it.

  • On the first day, I had about 14 Windows Update installs in one swoop.  After restart, I had a WiFi Driver error.  I attempted to reinstall the driver via SD card.  It failed.  I was able to restore to a previous restore point and it came back, but the 14 installs still were pending.  I tried again.  It failed again - same thing.  I turned off the automatic updates.

    I installed the Stylus Firmware update on 11/18.  I saved a restore point.  I then tried the pending 14 Windows Update installs and crossed my fingers.

    It worked.  WiFi is fine.

  • Jaybyrd:

    Having similar problems. Currently Windows Update wants to do 17 updates, which I unfortunately had set to upgrade automatically. Today, it tried to update the third time after I used System Restore to move the system back to the original "format" when I received the Venue 8 Pro 8".

    I've created a whole series of Restore Points to rescue the Wi-Fi which, like the other respondrnts, just goes dead after the Windows Update. The Device Manager reports that the Wireless Network chip is functioning properly, but there is definitely an interfering culprit in MS's updates. I tried re-installing the Wi-Fi/BT

    4F5N3_WN_3.7.2.45_A01.exe driver It sounded more equivalent to our situation, but no luck restoring faulty driver (if really the problem). One of the others apparently put in the version with good results? I installed the Intel Touchscreen Firmware update that released today, we'll see if that helps.

    Thanks to all who assured me my case was not unique. Love the Venue 8 Pro, wish Dell would release a fix for this aggavating problem. Tired of re-installing my software.

  • K9WHF de W5KCM

    Hello, I am also have some WiFi issues. Mine shows limited or no connection when it tries to connect to WiFi. Disconnecting and reconnecting a couple times usually will get it going. Has anyone tried recording audio with the built in microphone. My recorded audio is very distorted. Possibly some others has had this also?


  • I have not tried the audio but I figured out the WiFi issue, update you're tablet with all dells venue 8 pro drivers and software, if it says the driver or software is newer than what's being installed cancel that installer and move to the next one. Next, toggle Bluetooth off then back on and keep Bluetooth on, I've not lost WiFi yet since I did all that. Good luck!

  • I have the same problem. Only restarting it and toggling the WiFi solves the problem. I have updated everything but still the same.

  • I am getting increasingly frustrated with the constant WiFi problems. Three times tonight as I was trying to download files from iTunes, suddenly the WiFi would show that it was on but there are no signals (and I live in New York City in a place where there are dozens of signals.) I've had to stop what I'm doing, close everything I have open and reboot to bring it back.

    I have updated all the Dell drivers and Windows updates hoping that one of these would cause this issue to stop, but it seems to be getting worse rather than better. It's a real shame that this tablet was released with such major bugs.

  • I will chime in that I am also having trouble keeping my wireless connected.  Here is some information that may help Dell troubleshoot.

    I have successfully tested a continuous stream for nearly 24 hours.  Using silicondust's homerun prime I've streamed to powerdvd which is a continuous stream between 10-15 mbits/sec.  I've tested this on my 5ghz 'n' network.  This works.

    But my next test was a file transfer and this fails badly.  In most cases I am unable to transfer 100mbytes before the connection stops and hangs.  after the hang I usually see wireless go disconnected.  Reconnecting does not fix the issue, a reboot is required.  I have also seen windows BSOD in a couple of tests.  To isolate to the NIC I added a usb gbit adapter and it works fine.  I have reproduced the transfer issues on both 'b/g' and 'n' networks.  Also I tried doing a large web transfer instead of SMB and it also fails, so I can't fault the software stack.  It is a driver issue for me I'm pretty sure.  I'll wait a couple days before I start messing with driver advanced configuration since I have a workaround.  Hopefully Dell are aware and working on the issue.

  • I think putting the tablet in sleep mode can cause WiFi issues, try leaving the screen on.

  • That seems to happen too, but mine will stop working in the middle of downloads when the screen is on. It took a few tries to download Adobe Lightroom (an 800M file) because the Wifi would suddenly drop out and could only be reenabled through a reboot (which meant having to delete the incomplete file, closing the browser, rebooting and then renavigating to the site and starting all over again.)

    Strangely enough, I can stream without any problems at all.

  • I have been able to copy an 8GB ISO file from a WiFi connection.  I just had to up the sleep time.

  • I have the sleep time set to "Never". Had to do that because sometimes the tablet occasionally won't wake up from sleeping unless I hit the On button over and over again for 10-15 minutes.

    It's all very odd.

  • I can't figure out this WIFI issue, May be it's a driver issue. My WIFI just stopped working again, I hope it's not a hardware issue. I think I may have to reset my tablet again just for WIFI to work again, I'm going to try reinstalling the driver but this issue should have been taken care of by now. Windows 8.1 has a few glitches I can't blame DELL for, but I hope dell fixes this WIFI issue soon! it's frustrating.