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GPS sensor Broadcom GNSS Geolocation

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GPS sensor Broadcom GNSS Geolocation

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I have a problem with sensor GPS of Broadcom. My device is a Tablet Latitude 10 Dell

I use the software Sensor Diagnostic Tool that test operation of GPS, but i receive message The pipe is closed (exception HResult: 0x800700E8)

See the image. Someone Have this problem?

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  • 1)-Goto Device manager >view by connection > Enabled GPS driver

    2)-If possible, use Notepad to create 2 registry files LogOn and NetworkloOn as below:

    2-1) LogOn.reg


    2-2) NetworkIoOn.reg


    3)-Click to run the 2 registry above.

    4)-Find a clear location > Reboot your laptop > Run software Sensor Diagnostic Tool .

    5)-Don't worry about "The pipe is closed " > wait for 2-3 minutes > the yellow "Initializing" will turn green "Ready".

    6)-You may repeat step (4) with or without reboot.

    (*) Good luck!


  • This procedure worked with you?
    These commands did not work, but thanks for helping.

  • Cohelo:

    Sorry because revive this post from so long ago. But I wonder, if possible and you remember it, how has you solved the problem? I have exactly the same problem.