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Windows updates from 02/11/2014 broke my Venue 8 Pro again

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Windows updates from 02/11/2014 broke my Venue 8 Pro again

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This is just unbelievable. My Venue finally was stable for the last couple of weeks, Wifi worked, not having this "black screen" or "screen doesnt turn on anymore" bug anymore. But since I updated Windows updates came out two days ago, my Venue has these two problems again!! Can someone agree on this?? Help :(

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  • Can you detail what have you installed? And what do you see?

    I am waiting for some reports before installing the updates









  • I too had everthing just about right. Updates were setup to auto. Now my onboard keypad is very sensitive. Hit a # and three opo up. Letters are about as bad. Any ideas.

  • I'm with you! After uninstalling several windows updates and doing system recovery about 3 times. I had my Venue 8 pro working. After the latest round of updates, the wifi, bluetooth, and power button are not working correctly. I finally had to do a complete reset (major pain to have to reinstall Office and apps). I got it back to a working state. I tested everything and all was well. THEN, I allowed the 38 updates to install (thinking the order of windows updates would install correctly and fix the problems this time). WRONG! Now, my wifi will not let me authenticate to connect and bluetooth is not working AND it is sitting here turning itself on after I hit the button to put it to sleep. I'M SO SICK OF HAVING TO TRY AND FIX PROBLEMS WITH A BRAND NEW TABLET. Dell, please do something to correct these issues.

  • I got my Venue working again by resetting it, and installing all updates... But like I said in my first post: I did nothing at all than just update newest Windows updates, and that broke the tablet. And this happened before. Whats going on there? It seems it's not safe to install any Windows updates anymore after the tablet is working.