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Dell Venue 8 Pro problem....

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Hi All

I have my new Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 and I am trying to connect it to my Dell XPS Laptop( with Windows8) by USB and this one did not recognize my new Tablet, for it Could anybody help me with that?

Thanks in advance


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  • Hello castana,

                    When connected directly via a USB cable to a system, the Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 installed will not be detected as an external device. This functionality is currently available with Venue systems with Android operating system installations.


    Should you want to share files and folders between these two systems I would recommend connected the systems to a network. Please see the Windows home networking guide below, hopefully this will help in configuring a connection.





    Shawn B

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    General guides and information for multiple Dell computers: Me and My Dell

  • Dear DELL-Shawn B,

    1.  Can you confirm for me that a Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 installed cannot use its Micro USB port to communicate with another computer?  Spent almost 45 minutes with a Dell technician today trying to do precisely that - so if this information is correct, it doesn't seem to be widely known at technical support, nor does it come up easily when doing an internet search.  It seems surprising that a full Windows 8.1 machine would not have this functionality.  Also, the response on the Venue 8 Pro Help and Support page titled "Charging on the Dell Venue 8 Pro" (Journal ID #d562bf57-2fbf-4694-abbd-d72931727927) states "The Micro USB connector on the Venue 8 Pro can support data transfer or AC power, but not both at the same time.  When it is connected to a USB port on a computer, it automatically switches to data transfer mode and will not charge the battery."   And since the Venue 8 Pro (not just the Venue 8, but the Pro)  ships with the Windows 8.1 operating system, that line cannot be referring to an Android operating system. 

    2.  Since the Venue 8 Pro also evidently can't be charged just from the Micro USB port without the Dell Power Adaptor - at least, attaching the Venue 8 Pro directly to another Laptop using a Micro USB to Standard USB (either the one supplied with the Dell charger or another one) didn't work (both were suggested by the Dell technician), it would seem that one needs the very specific Dell AC charger shipped with the Venue 8 Pro in order to charge it - is this also correct?

    3.   If both 1 and 2 are correct, it would seem that the Micro USB port (the only port...) on the Venue 8 Pro can only be used to charge the tablet, and then it must be used with the Dell AC charger.  Can you (or someone else at DELL) please confirm this?

    4.  Finally, the Dell Venue 8 Pro User's Guide on page 6, under Features for the Micro-USB port, bullet 2, says "Connect USB devices, via an optional USB On-The-Go (OTG) dongle, for transferring data, music, photos, videos, and so on."  I cannot find a match for such a dongle on the DELL site.  Can you (or someone else at DELL) please provide a link for this accessory and indicate whether the Dell Venue 8 Pro User's Guide is correct in describing its functionality?

    Appreciate the time.  Thanks. 

  • 1.  I am not aware of any way to connect two Windows machines via USB to "communicate with each other".  There might be some program out there that allows this, but I am not aware of it.  I would say connect via a network and transfer files, etc.

    2.  I also tried to charge via another machines laptop port and it did not work.  I think it might depend on the USB ports power output.  I was able to use a NON-Dell usb charger/adapter and it worked just fine.  So it does not need to be the specific Dell adapter.

    3.  See answer to #2.  The micro usb can be used to connect USB devices also (see #4), but you cannot "out of the box" charge and use other USB devices at the same time.  I have an adapter (ordered from Hong Kong on ebay) that I have ordered that I am hoping fixes this limitation.  Although to be honest, the odds of me hooking a USB device to this are fairly slim.  I use Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse.  Maybe an occasional USB thumb drive or something.

    4.  Yes, you can use the Micro-USB port to connect USB devices.  I purchased a "Micro USB to USB adapter" from Amazon for a few bucks.  Has worked for everything so far EXCEPT my USB 3.0 SSD hard disk.  Still looking into that, but I bet it is a power issue.

    Hope this helps!

  • p.s.

    Also, at 

    under Ports, Slots and Chassis, one finds: 

    Ports & Connectors
    1 x Micro-AB USB2.0 (for trickle charging and data transfer)

    So, how does one use the Micro USB port for data transfer?

    Again, thanks for the time, and apologies if this has been answered on some other post/thread.

  • Dear Kwicktech,

    Thanks, that helps a lot.  My "p.s." crossed in the ether...

    Will try a Micro-USB to USB adaptor to see how that goes. 

    As for "computer to computer" - was under the impression that connecting the tablet to a laptop would have the laptop recognize it as another device (this is what the Dell technician thought, too, and had me try vainly to do) - perhaps that's just wrong.  Am hoping not to have to remove the microSD card every time I want to transfer some data...   Again, thanks for the reply.

  • I think the micro usb to usb adapter will fit your need.  Yeah, it would be a pain to remove the micro SD frequently.  I have a home network with a large USB disk on a server.  I just map a drive to that for file transfers.

    I would guess that the Dell support guy/gal was probably more familiar with the Android tablets.  The DV8 Pro is a full PC, just like any laptop, which is one of the reasons I like it.  So it handles things a bit differently.

    If you want, search for this on Amazon to see what I got:  eForCity Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter


  • Thanks again - have found the adaptor on Amazon.    May be forced into setting up a local network (have an ancient router, so that will probably be a pain...) - have several machines in the house and when we need to transfer files of any size have just popped in some thumbnail drives...   Presume that will now work with the adaptor...  

    Cheers - and have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Alejandro,

    I tried connecting the Dell Venue 8 Pro with a laptop using 1) just the Micro USB to Standard USB cable that comes with the Venue 8 Pro, i.e., just the cord used to charge the tablet (without the additional Dell AC adaptor plug, of course), and also 2) just using a Micro USB to Standard USB 2.0 cable that I already had.  Neither of these seemed to work.  

    I have ordered a Micro USB 2.0 male to Standard USB 2.0 female adaptor (following kwicktech's advice earlier), and will report on what seems to work when that arrives (may be a while, since I don't think I got it before the Thanksgiving rush...).  My guess, based on what kwicktech has said, is that it will be possible to use some low-power USB devices from the tablet (I'll try a thumbnail drive and also a Passport external drive) and report on what I find.  I will also try to connect to a laptop (I have a couple, running different Windows operating systems) - I don't think that will likely work, but will try and post the results. 

  • I ordered a USB OTG dongle from Amazon - for $1.50 shipped free (took 2 weeks as it comes from Asia).

    It works on a flash drive, 3TB external (powered) HD, DVD writer external (powered).

    It fails on a 2.5 unpowered external HD.  

    File transfers:

    I was successful at transferring from my Nokia via Bluetooth.  

    I was successful at transferring 8GB ISO via WiFi from Laptop to Tablet.  Using existing home network/router, set up a temporary share on the folder that has the data.  Connect to the share via with Venue.  Had to increase sleep time-out so I did not have to baby-sit. 

    I was successful using microSD from Lapto, Nokia and Venue.


    I was successful at transferring from my Nokia via Bluetooth.  

    Connected Nokia to Venue with USB OTG dongle and Nokia USB cable.  Had successful handshake.  Nokia can charge, transfer, etc.

  • Hi All,

    i have dell venue 8 pro trying to connect it to Bluetooth speaker, but i'm unable to connect it

    i have turned the Bluetooth to the discoverable mode

    Downloaded and updated the latest driver from dell website still its not connected its a new tablet .

    Can anybody help me with this issue

  • Hi Shawn,

    First, thanks for your support

    On the other hand, I added the Venue 8 to my network by Router and sorry for my ignorance but I can see the Venue tablet in my home network ?

    hope you can understand

    Best Regards


  • An update - posted this last Friday (I thought...), but didn't see it today, so here's another go:

    Got a Micro USB 2.0 Male to Standard USB 2.0 female (a "dongle") from the nice folks at Dell - the same sort of connector that JayByrd mentions.  Some results:

    1.  Connected a USB thumbnail drive and the Venue 8 Pro recognized it immediately.  Transferred some files from a laptop to the Venue 8 Pro using the thumbnail without problem - in fact the Venue 8 Pro is quite fast (much faster reading and copying the files than the laptop wrote them to the thumbnail).

    2.  Connected a Logitech wireless mouse USB receiver to the Venue 8 Pro (using the dongle again) and that also works fine, i.e., have a mouse.

    3.  Connected a WD Passport external drive and it didn't work - it was clearly trying to spin up, but never made it, undoubtedly because the power was insufficient. 

    4.  Don't have an independently powered external hard drive, but I'm sure that would work as well. 

    5.  Further reading has convinced me that trying to connect the tablet directly to a laptop to transfer files is unlikely to work (or would only work after enormous hassle), and it may be risky.  Here are some links - note the reference to Windows 8.1 in the first, and the risk of short circuit in the second - and also the fact that a special cable (with associated software) is required:

    6.  Did not try to connect the tablet directly to the laptop to see if it would charge the tablet (mainly because of the comment in the second Wiki article above about possible short circuits) - this might be fine, but it didn't seem worth the risk, and I was mainly concerned with finding a way to transfer files and not finding another method to charge the machine.

    7.  Since the thumbnail reads so quickly, have not bothered to try to set up a local network using our router. 

    For those reading this thinking about buying a Venue 8 Pro, I will say it's a lovely machine. 

  • Hi 

    First, thanks to share your experiences with us.

    On the other hand I would like to say you that I can share files from my Laptop to my Dell Venue 8 pro by Windows Homegroup

    more info here

    On the other hand and like I need to connect my Dell Venue 8 pro by Network ( to deploy projects from Visual Studio), Did you try with Micro USB to Ethernet adapter? Do you know any of them Dell Venue 8 compatible?

    Finally and like I would need to buy Dell Venue 8 pro keyboard compatible. Do you know if it is ready to buy it?



  • Dear Castana,

    Good to know setting up local networks works - I figured it probably did, my own home router is just so ancient and slow that I didn't want to try to set it up.

    I don't know whether the Venue 8 Pro works with a Micro USB to Ethernet adaptor.  I'll see if I can find someone who has a standard USB to Ethernet adaptor at work and see if that works together with the micro USB to standard USB adaptor that I have.   I agree it would be nice to hardwire connect to a really fast port.   From what I see on the web, some Micro USB to Ethernet seem not compatible with some tablets, so it looks like we need to find out precisely what can work with the Venue 8 Pro.  There is a comment on another Dell forum thread that suggests people are having problems with the Dell USB to Ethernet adaptor (although the problem might be the micro USB to standard USB that's being used). 

    If you are talking about the Venue 8 Pro keyboard that's supposed to fold up to also be a case for the tablet (the one they advertise on the website as "Coming Soon") - I'm waiting for that as well.

    Update: I just chatted with Dell to check on the keyboard.  He gave me the following link:

    I have ordered this keyboard and will try to let folks know how it works when it arrives (although it says 3-5 WEEKS for the order to be processed, so it may be quite a while!!)

    Also, again for anyone reading this before buying a Venue 8 Pro, the Dell chat person said the keyboard was $89 when you buy it at the same time as the tablet (it's $99 standalone) - would probably have got it when I originally got my tablet, but it wasn't available.