Dell Venue 8 Pro bad choice of USB Micro-A socket with USB Micro-B plug. Already broken!

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Dell Venue 8 Pro bad choice of USB Micro-A socket with USB Micro-B plug. Already broken!

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Got the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet and it seems to be a great Windows tablet. But I already broke one of the pins in the Micro USB power connector. Funny thing is the socket in the tablet is a rectangular Micro-A and the power cable plug is Micro-B (un-even shape which makes you plug in the right way if the socket is also Micro B). One can easily put the Micro-B plug in the Micro-A socket in the wrong way and if you force it, it will break the pins inside. Just like I did today! I don't know who in the world made this choice! I have been using Android phones which correctly use a Micro-B socket and Micro-B plug!

For my issue, I will try to call Dell service and see whether they will replace the connector. :-(

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  • Same issue with mine. Any luck with warranty?

  • any luck with this?
  • I mentioned in another post yesterday, that I did some research on USB connectors.  I'm pretty sure that the socket on the tablet is a mircro-AB socket, not a micro-A.  They are both rectangular, but the micro-AB accepts both a micro-A and a micro-B plug.

    The best policy, which I sometimes find hard to practice myself, is to never force anything.   The cable's micro-B plug goes into the socket the correct way without a lot of force, trying to put it in the wrong way takes a lot more effort.

  • Have a look at this: The Venue has a USB Micro-A Port, and Dell ships a USB Micro-B plug. The port is rectangular and the plug is trapezoidal so it can be plugged in either way, and if you plug it in wrong, you can break it or bend the pins.
  • I read that link.  That is what stared me on checking it out.  That is also where I replied that I thought he was wrong.

    Look at this picture of a Micro-AB socket from


    It is rectangular because it is designed to accept either a Micro-A OR a Micro-B plug.

    A Micro-B plug will will go in the correct direction without forcing it.  If you force it in the wrong way, it will break.  DON'T FORCE A PLUG INTO A SOCKET.

    That said, I agree that Dell should have used a Micro-B (only) socket.

  • Plan to call Dell today for warranty claim. Will update this post once I speak to them, hopefully in English.

  • Update - On the phone with support as I type this - Was told they can't replace due to type of warranty and that I would need to contact a local tech.  They were about to hang up and I said WAIT, how do I find a local tech?  Was given poor advice then asked if I could go to Best Buy, they said yes.  He then said he needs to speak to a supervisor, then I was asked to take pictures and send them in. Explained my frustration on deaf ears, now on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor - We are having basic communication challenges due to language barriers. Stay tuned!

  • Have new device being sent, put old device in box to send back for warranty. Tech could not confirm if I would be charged or not. I'm concerned they will say it's end user damaged and charge me for a new tablet.  If end user damaged, which I don't think it is, I would rather just pay to replace USB plug but didn't have that option.  FYI - Supervisor confirmed Best Buy was NOT a local tech - glad I escalated call otherwise guys at Geek squad would have laughed

  • Mine just broke.  It is a problem with the design.- my cell phone has similar connector and it keeps working and working.

    Let's see what the say when I call Thursday!


    Happy New Year!


  • The port is rectangular and the plug is trapezoidal so it can be plugged in either way, and if you plug it in wrong, you can bend or break the pin block. I handed mine to my wife to see which way she'd try to connect the cable and she immediately tried plugging it in upside down. This is a serious design flaw and Dell needs to recall them all and replace the connector. There's no way in this day and age of computing that it should be possible to plug in a connector up side down like this and then destroy the device. It's only a matter of time before every one of these Dell Venue Pro 8 units is damaged because of this issue. Dell screwed up the design and customers are paying for the mistake.
  • Dell supplied the wrong charging cable. This is 100% Dell's fault. They need to make it right.
  • They are sending me a new one. I took this public here
  • The long side of the trapezoid go on the back of the tablet.

    The short side goes on the screen side.

    It should slide in that was with only slight resistance.

    Mark the back side of the plug with fingernail polish, "White Out", or paint, so you don't get it wrong.

  • Had mine about 3 weeks. Noticed the problem right away and was very careful. However, yesterday morning the plug would not go all the way in. I had not forced it but a couple times I started to plug it in upside down, felt the resistance, stopped, turned the plug around and then it went in. Yesterday it simply would not go in (it was turned correctly). Could not charge tablet and could not reset to factory settings. Had to use CCleaner to wipe it clean. Returned it to Costco and got a full  refund. Thank you Costco.

  • The paint is a good idea, but you're just prolonging the inevitable. Sooner or later, you're going to plug it in upside-down and destroy it. It should not be possible to do this. Each and every one of these Dell Venue 8 Pro devices is doomed to an early extinction because of this. It's a colossal design failure. Dell needs to recall them all.