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Wacom Active Stylus & Latitude 10

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Wacom Active Stylus & Latitude 10

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I ordered and received a Latitude 10 tablet.  After receiving it I order the Wacom Active Stylus to go with it.

The problem with the stylus is simple.  First there are absolutely no instructions for it.  I don't even know which way the battery should be installed.

Second, it came with no drivers. There are no drivers available on the Dell or Wacom websites.  I can't seem to get tech support to understand my problem.

Does anyone have any idea how to access the drivers and is there any kind of basic instruction manual for this product.

Thanks to anyone that can assist me!


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  • I welcome both of you to the community.

    There is the Latitude 10 and the Latitude 10 Essentials.   The Latitude 10 has a compacitive touch screen that is compatible to some of the pens out there. The latitude 10 E has a ten touch point screen that isn't compatible to any styluses.  If you have the Latitude 10, the pen that we ship with the tablet has a white tip, a right click button in the middle and a erase button on the rear of the pen.  It should not need any batteries.

    Microsoft has a FAQ on touch and pen settings that may be of some use.

    To adjust how accurately your screen senses when you use a pen or finger:

    1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search.
      (If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Search.)

    2. Enter calibrate in the search box, tap or click Settings, and then tap or click Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input to open Tablet PC Settings.

    3. Check that the monitor shown in the Display field matches the screen you want to calibrate.

    4. Tap or click Calibrate, and then follow the on-screen instructions.



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  • If you continue to have problems with the pens and would like for me to check compatibility with them I will be happy to do so.  Please shoot me a private message, just click on the link in my signature and then click start conversation.  In your message please include the service tag of the tablet and the brand and model number of the pen.



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  • I am having the same problem.  It is 7/4/13 and still there are no instructions sent with the pen.  One would think Dell would have fixed this problem instead of keep selling them and people not knowing how to use them.  I have a pen that came with a metal ring that is to big to fit around the pen.  I have no idea what it is for.  There is no battery.  The forums just seem to bring up more questions than solving the problem.  Some say the pen doesn't have a battery and some are saying it doesn't.  I just want a link to see how to use the pen.  It seems Dell is just having us waste our time with the forums and the result there are never any clear solutions.  Even those answering give just tidbits.  You answer some questions and not others.  Can anyone give us a link or a video on how to use the stylus?

  • I have the answer to your problem:

    Latitude 10 Essentials support Passive Stylus only. However, Latitude 10 and Latitude 10 (enhanced security) supports Wacom Active Stylus. 

    See link here: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/mobile-devices/f/4586/t/19509619.aspx

  • I'm in the same boat!  I can't get the tablet to recognize the stylus.  And that stupid metal ring that it came with is useless.  No idea what the heck that is there for.

  • I should add, where do you get a passive stylus?  Dell Rep said they don't carry them.  Can they be used to write in word documents?

  • Dell SHOULD NOT be selling that stylus pen with the Latitude 10 Essentials tablet. The metal ring is used to take the five additional tips in and out. Does it work is anyone's guess.

  • ChopperCopper,

    Thank you for the helpful posts.  

    Dell should not be selling capacitive pens with the Latitude 10 Essentials.  If any of you feel that you have been sent the incorrect pen with your tablet please feel free to send me a private message and in the message include the service tag of your tablet and I will be happy to investigate  


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  • I tried this and it did not work. In the detail area it says "Full windows Touch support". I have the Latitude 10-ST2. This is frustrating not to be able to use something which is supposed to work!!!

  • To the individuals who are lost and need a better calibration and ink support for your apps I have one suggestion that has not been mentioned> Go to www.wacom.com/.../drivers and install the lastest TABLET PC – Enhanced Tablet Driver 7.1.1-12 for windows 8. Then reboot and calibrate your pen accordingly.

    The other individuals that still don't get it...there is only one model that supports Wacom and it's the ST2 not the ST2E. It WILL NOT use a stylus made by N-TRIG that has a AAAA battery inside. Wacom pens DO NOT use a battery.

  • hi terry,

    seems i am one of those who got a stylus which isn't working as it's supposed to do. actually it's the least of my problems with the latitude 10.

    half of it might be related to windows 8, which is far from being a grown up tablet os.

    but when i get a piece of hardware, which i first of all have to update, to flash the bios, to install new chipset drivers, and to get those only on a very cryptic page, that's quite poor actually...

    a tablet which is limiting the wifi if it's not connected to a charger, is more than pointless, isn't it? - actually my speed tests show a connectivity loss of approx 90% (!!!) when i disconnect from charger. why should i want a tablet if i have to be connected all the time? - the windows power options to control the power on the wifi are simply not there (as a sys engineer i have my ways to get there of course)...

    that's what i found out in those few days since i have this ... thing. actually i'm quite disappointed about the stuff dell starts to deliver since about 7-8 years... what's wrong with you guys? you once had great hardware and even better support - now i don't even find words for what you deliver here.

    most of the other professionals i work with moved away from dell too by now. even hp is better (was different some years ago).

    i can't believe any "normal" user can actually handle this sluggish reacting tablet, because they can't really flash their bios - they don't even know it's there.

    besides i find it more than cheeky that you can only use the (painfully slow) backup software from dell, just because of the homegrown restrictions (don't tell me there wouldn't be another way, i'm a pro myself). to be forced to have a fat 32 partition on an external hdd to store all the efi stuff, and to be also forced to manually add the specific path to those files in the bios options to be available in the boot menu (which alone took me about an hour to find out how to get there - very poor documentation and even harder to find)... that's simply inacceptable even for me as a pro - a normal user can only send it back. btw, as mentioned before, i HAD to buy the premium backup software from dell, to be able to backup to a usb hdd. another hidden 50 bucks for this piece of stone age backup. it takes about 1 hour just for approx 20 gb as full, all incrementals need 30 mins or so - my pc, ca 60 gm system files, shadow protect, takes 13 min for a full, 2-3 mins for incremental (!!!!!).

    i hope i could bring across that i'm sort of unhappy with this blinking cutting board, and i didn't even write down all of my probs with it.

    but, because i'm nice, i thought i'd rather write my opinion down here first and wait for a reaction, before i actually rate this product on your official page...

    back to the stylus: it works, but needs quite some force. buuuut, the right click part doesn't work. when i hit the button, it shows the circle as supposed (or as it does when i long press), but nothing happens then. looks like a driver problem - please don't send me to the normal download page, didn't find it there...

    cheers, hope you might be able to help


  • Ordered dell stylus for latitude 10st2

    very frustrated as this is the 3rd stylus that does not work I

    Thought finally ordering from dell you would have correct specs, compatibility

    Please respond asap

    <Admin Note:email address removed per privacy policy~RK>

    Cell # <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>

  • well 2 week ago I got my tablet,  and 7 days ago I got a dell active stylis and it didn't work ,yesterday I got a passive stylis from dell in the mail  it works ,it was a targus brand ( Wal-Mart ) give me a brake , I brought the tablet to take notes for work ,not to play games !!! ( I pad ) can I upgrade, or do i have a boat with  know paddle ? what can I do ?

    I am thanking about boxing it all up a sending it back

  • I have same issue with my DELL Latitude 10 ST2e with Wacom Active Stylus. Since first day It is not working. No support from DELL too.

  • Terry,

    I have completely given up on the stylus that I purchased with my Dell latitude st2 it just doesn't work. In November I purchased a new Dell Inspiron 7000 and my latitude 10 and since then I have spent 18 hours on the phone with Dell tech support with a myriad of problems, yes I said 18 hours! I do not want to call tech support again and be left on hold for another hour and then be transferred to the wrong department. 10 times. Can you please just tell me what stylus I can purchase that will be compatible with my tablet. I don't really care at this point if it is active or passive.

    Thank you,