Touch screen on new Venue 8 Android routinely become unresponsive

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Touch screen on new Venue 8 Android routinely become unresponsive

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Just received this brand new Venue 8 Android (4.2.2) on Wednesday, and it's already exhibiting problems with the touchscreen.  In short, the touch screen becomes unresponsive for a time, and forces me to press down hard with my finger to come out of the freeze - and sometimes that doesn't even work (and I have to shut it off).   I've already tried resetting the device to its factory state - and it hardly has any apps on it at all (just NY Times, Kindle, Acrobat).

After searching the net on this issue, I discovered that it is possible to "recalibrate" an Android screen - but I see no option for doing so either in "settings" or anywhere else. 

Obviously, no device should be malfunctioning within a few days of purchase.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance

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  • mdarnold00

    If there is a troubling aspect to this it's that the problem isn't consistent across devices. My "new" exchanged tablet does not have any issues, so if there was a fix, and it's a software issue, you would think that Dell would have pushed out an update by now. If it's a hardware issue, that becomes much more problematic, and no amount of waiting and updates will provide a solution. My recommendation is to return any defective device and request a new one. So far, I haven't seen anyone with an exchanged device complaining that they still have the issue.

    It could just be that whether it's hardware or software related, it's only effecting a relatively small amount of units. Chances are if you get a 2nd one, it will work. They must have sold thousands of these things around Black Friday, and there are still a relatively small amount of complaints on here, XDA, and Amazon.  
  • I got a Venue 8 on Black Friday and was having the same issue and I figured out a sure fire way to fix the unresponsive screen. Send it back and get a new one. I sent mine back(after talking with technical support and dealing with a few language barrier). After Technical Support saw that the things they were telling me to do to fix it were not working they immediately shipped me a new one(It got to me in two days) I sent eh old one back once i got the new one. I have had it for about 2 days now and used it all day yesterday till the battery ran down, browsing the net, using the amazon app, watching netflix, played various games etc and no lock ups. i even remoted into my pc nomproblem

  • Wolfdog55

    After Technical Support saw that the things they were telling me to do to fix it were not working they immediately shipped me a new one(It got to me in two days)

    You are lucky.  I've now been waiting 10 days for my return to show up.  I initiated a new chat with tech support yesterday to see where my replacement was, and they informed me that it never shipped due to a "technical error".  Real nice.  So it's ANOTHER 5-7 business days until I get my replacement.  

  • I was told that my replacement would be  5 - 7 business days as well, but they sent it overnight, so I had it in two days.

  • My Venue 8 was working fine till Fr13 for exactly a month (no return to NewEgg) and then intermittent touch screen freezing came out. Factory reset had no impact on the problem. Fun of talking to indian TS took 2 Hrs and 5 hang ups and retry calls (including but not limited to offer to start IE on Android, repeating the tag# and the story to 7 ppl, not having any idea what the word "intermittent" means, newer heard of, etc )    Finally they might call me tomorrow with a RMA #. Let's see

  • I believe Newegg sold these Venues with their IronEgg guarantee - meaning that they were returnable until January 31, 2014.

    Disconcerting to hear that your suddenly began exhibiting the symptoms after 30 days.  My replacement has been fine so far, but I've only had it a couple of weeks.

  • I have not been experiencing any problems like those on this thread.  Is it happening for certain apps maybe?

  • vincep5

    I have not been experiencing any problems like those on this thread.  Is it happening for certain apps maybe?

    No, it is not related to any apps.  In my instance, the non-responsiveness was happening at the OS level when no apps were running.

  • Hey All, just received the venue 8 tab from Newegg and I too saw the screen freezing issue/unresponsiveness.  I also saw the margin problem when waking up from sleep.  After I did the OTA update I have yet to see either issue however it has only been a few hours.  Has anyone else been successful installing the OTA to resolve the two common issues with this tablet?  Really disappointed with these problems so far.  The tablet has so much potential, size, screen, specs are perfect but gotta walk the walk not just talk the talk.

  • I have three of these tablets. Only one has the unresponsive display. There is a new one on it's way, and I am sending the bad one back.The factory reset did not fix. Did not matter the application, stock or installed. 


  • BTW, I got a question to you folks. How many of you who got a problem has a screen film installed and if yes what kind of one? I had clear fingerprint resistant one when my tablet developed the problem.

  • All of mine do not have a screen protector. Nothing special about the one Dell venue 8 I had that had the screen problem. 


  • Can anyone that is currently having issues "unhide" developer options/tools in settings, by tapping on the system build number (found in About) seven times, then turning on the option to view system load and also to display touch?  When the system begins experiencing touch issues, take a look at the load averages (xx.xx, xx.xx, xx.xx) and also make note of whether the finger touch is displayed when touching the screen immediately or whether it only displays when/if the touchscreen responds if needing to hold your finger down longer.  Also try to make note of load averages when the system is responding normal and compare against when it seems to not be responding to touch.

    This might help us understand what is going on with the running OS at that time and also may provide some insight into where the problem is originating from.  I was originally looking for the developer options and didn't realize that it is supposedly hidden now under 4.2 and should be able to be unhidden like described above, but I haven't had a chance to test this yet personally.

  • I almost forgot to mention. Once my "keyboard" stuck at letter "a" and the screen was not responding at any touch at that time. It typed about 30 "a"s and after that sensitivity came back. I guess what touch screen is randomly registering some sticky touch (may be in the same defective area) and only sleep bottom cancels it. Unlocking the tablet  returns sensitivity till the next sticky one.  

  • I just wanted to reply that tapping the build number 7 times DID open up a bunch of developer options.

    I have had my tab since Dec 2nd and have had ZERO issues.  Hoping Dell gets their head out of their aszes and gives this product some support b/c for the price its simply the best out there and could really put them on the Tablet map. I personally would LOVE to have multi user support, which seems it needs to be rooted to do so.  Or...Dell could just turn it on in an update b/c the version of android supposedly supports it.