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Android Sync Issue with Dell

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Android Sync Issue with Dell

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hi all.. Big Smile

im not able to sync my new HTC One V with my dell laptop (Dell Inspiron N5010). My dell is not detecting my HTC. while connecting with HTC sync manager it thows an error "Device unavailable, Please reconnect your device [10001] ".

But my phone is connecting well with my desktop (HP)

pls help me on this... 

my OS is Win 7 Home Basic 64bit SP1



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  • Hello. Same problem with my Latitude E6500 (Win7, 64bit) and the HTC One S: Error 10001 :-(

  • I also have the same problem with my HTC phone. I am not sure if this is a problem coming from HTC, though I still use it on my customized desktop. Any suggestion?

    See what I mean?! 

  • Also having problems with sync my htc one v with dell studio 15 laptop (windows 7/32 bit) 

  • Hello again.

    Now I have just formated my computer due to some small problems.

    The sync problem still with my Latitude E6500. So it's really a bug with Dell computers Angry

  • This is a known problem with all HTC One series phones, The problem I have is Vodafone pass the buck to HTC.

    You need to chase phone provider and HTC.

    Please see HTC response below I am also taking legal action against Vodafone.

    Good morning Mr Thacker,

    We are still investigating the problem that you are having, we are also having
    a issue replicating this, we do know that it has something to do with the
    internal storage unmounting the SD card. The reason that the devices have not
    been withdrawn is because this is not a issue for all the customers,the ratio
    of people having this problem to the ratio of sales to very minimal. I am
    looking in to seeing if we can get you a replacemnet device, I do not have a
    response as of yet when I do I will be in touch.

  • I have the same problem... different Inspiron model, but similar error.