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Dell Streak 7.....Where to start

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Dell Streak 7.....Where to start

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While this unit will do what i want for the most part I do find that the piles of bloatware aggravating to say the least!

That coupled with poor battery life and a VERY poor support system ( Calls to India do not count as support.....difficult to understand ) make me wish that I had bought a Toshiba!

When I called the support number and asked to be transferred to someone in the US I was informed that they could not do that SIMPLE function!

I have owned various Dell products since  the late 80's-early 90's and up until now have had good service.

At this point I cannot in good conscience recommend Dell products based on this experience. 

Enough venting....

How do I get rid of the bloatware and what can I do to make the battery last longer?  

For the most part I leave it in airplane mode....when the wifi is connected I do good to get 2 hrs run time.

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  • I can't really find it as a problem yet, but if it really bothers you then keep posting here until you reach Dell Team for this case.

    Live your life to it's fullest potential!!!

  • Hi zooplbr,

    Can you list some specific examples of bloatware?  I find Advanced Task Killer Free very helpful in identifying apps that are running in the background (w/o my knowledge); try killing all apps, then immediately open the program again to see which apps are still up. You may be able to adjust their settings to improve performance. Also, check your settings for GPS and Bluetooth. Here is an article you might find helpful.

    Let me know if you still have issues after trying some of these suggestions.



  • Hi Amy!

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me!

    Bloatware is as follows:


    1: Amazon Kindle

    2: Amazon MP3

    3: Arcade by Kongragate




    7:Tegrazone Games

    8:Tunein Radio


    10: Zinio Reader


    About the only thing that I use on a regular basis that was pre-installed are the various Google services (Gmail etc...) and Quick Office.

    As to the battery life I have the GPS off as well as the Bluetooth. I also have to have the WIFI turned off (Airplane Mode) unless I can plug it in.

    The longest that I can access the internet with out being plugged in in about 1:45-2:00 hrs with the screen back light turned down .

    Thanks again!


  • To remove bloateware you need to root your android device and use a program with root permission to uninstall the unwanted apps. Once you are rooted you can also use an app like setcpu to conserve battery. You also need to turn on airplane mode. With airplane mode on, you can turn on wifi independently. This will give you about 3 hours of use and 48 hour of stanby time.

    I was the first to post a reply to you with links to guided articles at other sites, but the mods on here deleted my post claiming spam. I can't believe linking to xda-developers is consider spam. Anyway do a search for xda-developers and dell streak 7. Go to their forum and read on how to root your device. Sorry I can't give you a link.

  • Hi guys,

    zooplbr, is it not possible to uninstall these apps?

    otnos, not sure why they would remove your post either. I'll find out what the moderator team's definition of 'spam' is.



  • Hi Amy!

    You can't un-install the bloatware like you can a app that you have installed yourself.... the user/owner is blocked from doing so.

    From what I'm slowly learning and understanding  I will have to "root " my pad and just hope that it dos'nt become a paperweight.

    I guess that by rooting the tablet I would gain sufficient admin rights as it were in order to remove this system resource eating junk-ware.

    Of course that will void my warranty...

    If Dell EVER returns to the Android tablet market the system engineers might want to think about letting the user add what he or she wants from the android market.

    The battery use issue seems to also be tied to the additional junk that has that has to be turned off each and every time the pad is turned on.

    That coupled with a battery that is too small for the use that it is being put to is what is causing the issues that I have experianced.

    Thanks again for listening to me and trying to help!


  • And thanks to Otnos as well...I am slowly educating myself

  • if you do root it ,i think freezing those said apps is less risky than removing them ,titanium backup would provide such option..personaly i havent rooted my streak7 and i dont really mind the unused by myself apps (bloatware) :) i think the only one that annoys me is Facebook :)

    Smile  Hiya From UK Smile

    Dell Streak-7  Force Shutdown / Hard-Reset / Safemode / Recovery  info

  • Hi zooplbr,

    Just a couple more things I wanted to share after some research.  

    1.) Its recommended that Streak 7 be charged using the power adaptor and not by connecting to a pc via USB. Quote: "As a general rule, the USB port on a computer does not provide enough power to charge the Streak 7. It should always be connected to an AC power adapter to charget the battery."

    2.) I was curious which Power Management Setting you were using: Standard, Agressive or None.

    3.) How long have you had the unit and was the battery performance always this way or did it get there gradually?



  • Hi Amy!

    First things first ... THANK YOU FOR TRYING!!!!!!!

    1:  I only charge via the charger....a standard usb outlet on a pc delivers too little power

    2: I use Agressive power management.

    3: I got this unit last Christmas....and yes it has had what I consider as poor battery life from the time I got it out of the box.

    I don't know if this will help but the service tag is <ADMIN NOTE :Service tag removed per privacy policy> and I did register it.

    Thank you again for trying!!!

    John Hall (zooplbr)
  • Hi zooplbr,

    I'm sending you an email regarding your options. By the way, your service tag was removed for your protection, but I have it.



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