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Streak 7 won't charge, frustrated by lack of customer service

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Streak 7 won't charge, frustrated by lack of customer service

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Only 6 weeks after purchasing my Dell Streak 7, it stopped charging when I plugged in the charger. Once in a great while I could get it to charge, but most of the time it would not. I called Dell's customer service and their solution to my problem was "Charge your tablet." Once I finally convinced them that it wouldn't charge, they sent me a new charger to try. When that didn't work, they sent me a box to send in the tablet for repair.

A couple days ago, I sent it in. Today I got a call from them from someone I could barely understand who told me that there was a problem with my Window's computer and that there were error messages due to things that I had on the hard drive. WHAT? I sent in an android-based tablet, not a windows computer! And it doesn't even have a hard drive!

I asked him if he was talking about my tablet. He said "yes." I said, "Well then why did you say Windows Computer." He hung up.

I am frustrated and worried that I might not even get my tablet back and may get someone else's computer instead, if anything at all. They really don't seem to know what they are doing, and I can barely understand the people I have to talk to when calling customer service. Does anyone know how I can speak to someone at a higher-level, preferably in the United States? I don't know what to do anymore.

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  • It is frustrating to get such a confusing customer experience, and while I cannot see whats going on with your repair, I can only assume that they called you in error instead of the other person. It happens.

    The dell streak does have a hard drive, but not the same type as a normal PC does. Its flash based memory (essentially its a SSD).

    I would assume that the issue with yours is a problem with the port, not the battery or charger. This would require hardware repair, and may still be in the process.

    Did you have a service repair number or any other tracking information? (do not post it here if you do, just wondering if they gave you one)


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  • Hi asch505,

    Just to add to PhoenixBennu's comments, you can track the status of your service call online at

    Let me know if you still need help.



  • Did you ever get it back?  I've sent mine in four times for the same problem and they have yet to fix it.  It is impossible to talk with someone in the US.  Who would I contact to start a lawsuit about this problem?

  • The Streak 7 connector occassional breaks, so that is a leading reason why it doesn't charge. The only way to fix it, is to send it in.