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Upgrade to Windows 10; 64bit and keyboard not recognized

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Upgrade to Windows 10; 64bit and keyboard not recognized

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Yep, upgraded from W8.1 to W10; Venue 7130 no longer sees nor recognizes the dock keyboard. UPGRADING to latest bios doesn't remedy. help!

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  • Thank you for your message.

    Have you tried using the on-screen keyboard to check if that works?

    When you dock the keyboard, is the keyboard battery being detected?

    Restart the device & check if you are able to get into bios menu by pressing F12 (with the keyboard attached) on startup Dell logo. This will help us diagnose if this is a hardware or an OS failure.

    For better assistance, please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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  • I was facing the same problem and I fixed it by installing driver that missed

  • Could you name the driver, or better still, point me to it, please?

  • Well, to add to the keyboard dilema, now the Micro SD card isn't recognized and re-installing the SD driver and Baytech storage control driver isn't the right fix...BECAUSE, the Baytech driver won't install; only gives an error message.  Without that driver, the SD Card driver is useless.  Anyone got a working set of drivers?  If so, please ID the chipsets and bios you have installed.

  • Tried to update the Docking Firmware, but the update keeps giving an error message for the ac plug to be disconnected for 15 sec and then reconnected.  Doing this changes nothing, as the error message just keeps repeating.  Is there an updated updated version that recognizes the ac power?