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Latitude 10 Endless Loop

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Latitude 10 Endless Loop

This question is not answered

I've searched the whole Internet for a solution to this problem but failed to find a solution.

Somehow an operating system upgrade was interrupted.

Now it’s stuck in an endless loop, best way to explain is to show a photo of the screen.screen shot

tapping OK just sends it in a loop.

I've tried to boot from various different media, I've removed the main and BIOS batteries and left for 4 days, but nothing helps, it ******### machine returns to that screen all the time.

I did think I could remove the hard disc and format it then install from USB media, but the connections on the disc a a mini version of SATA. So that was the end of that option.

Anyone got any suggestions please ?

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  • GordonB2

    What OS are you upgrading your tablet to?  If it is Windows 10 it is not supported by Dell on this computer. The reason is there are no Windows 10 drives for the Latitude 10. Tablets use the RTS version of Windows 8/8.1 OS.

  • The device was supplied with Windows 10 pre-installed.

    This occured during a Microsoft rollout of a major update, i.e. the operating system version, it did an unprompted quiete hours update on battery power, hence the message.

    Regardless of what operating system I try to install, I need first to break the loop it's stuck in.

    I've tried using an USB DVD/CD drive, with Windows7 and also with Windows 10, I've tried the same with an USB stick again with both versions of Windows as above, the USB is correctly formated to be bootable with UEFI BIOS.

    Everything I've tried is ignored it just keeps going back to that inane screen message in the picture I attached to my 1st post.

  • Really no help with this?

    So the device is scrap?

    throw it in the bin?

    What amazingly good support from Dell - NOT

  • OK so I resolved this problem, no thanks to anyone here.

    This is without any doubt the worst forum of any PC vendor on the planet.

    Having in a previous job needed to contact the likes of HP, Asus, Gigabyte, on and on, the difference from those companies to this one is night and day.