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Dell WWAN not detected after reinstalling windows

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Dell WWAN not detected after reinstalling windows

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I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 (64-Bit) that comes with a Dell Wireless 5570e WWAN Card. Please Note that throughout my windows reinstalling spree I have been installing the drivers several times through both Device Manager and the Dell Provided exe (which supports windows 10). I have also made sure to install all the other drivers (but not applications) first, as most Dell Support guides say to do.

I had reinstalled Windows 10 because of it being very laggy but after I reinstalled Windows, the WWAN card was no longer detected. However, if you turn on Hidden Devices in Device Manager, a Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter does show up in Network Adapters (but with the error code 45, "device not installed"), but any attempt to manually install the right driver will not work (However, it does say that the installation has succeeded). Turning off the PC and inserting a SIM card will make another "Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter #2" appear in the Device Manager but also with the error code 45, "Device Not Installed".

What I have done so far (aside from repeatedly installing the same driver over and over again):

I believe that i have found a Dell Support article about this:

However, the Solution Steps assume that it is found in the Device Manager as an unknown device, but my WWAN card does not appear at all, (apart from the Code 45 drivers). So I can't use the solution steps (though I did try them, but any installations say "Success", but it does not change anything).

The Dell Drivers installs a "Sierra Mobile Broadband Update" but opening it just goes "Checking for Updates" and then "Could not establish connection to update server".

I also installed Windows 8.1 just in case it was the drivers fault.

I noticed that the Dell Support article said that it was caused by the Windows Installation reinstalling the PC while the Wireless Adapter was still configuring. So I had a really good idea (which, as you may have guessed, did not work).

Disable the WWAN card in the BIOS (so the BIOS does detect it, good to know it is not broken) (and remove the SIM card). Then clean reinstall Windows 10 and install all the other drivers. Then re enable the card in the BIOS.

Result: The device manager detects it for just a second during boot, just long enough for it to go onto the Device Manager's hidden devices menu. It still has the name "Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter" and still has the Code 45 error.

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  • Does anyone have this model (5130, 64-bit) with the Dell Wireless 5570e. I don't suppose I could beg you to send me your image backup? (If you don't want to risk your files just move them to an external device while backuping)

  • I had this issue when I first got my 5175, and an upgrade to the latest BIOS fixed it. Seems very obvious and I am sure you wouldve done this but if not may be worth a try.

  • I have already done this. Actually, I was concerned that the BIOS was not working properly because i might have skipped a version, so I downloaded and installed all the BIOS versions in order.... Didn't work, but just to make sure.

    Just wondering, do you mean your WWAN card didn't actually show up on the Device Manager?

  • Checked Dell's ePSA assessment, it gives the wrong information though. (Says I have a 720p screen panel when I have a FHD one and it also says WWAN not connected, does Windows affect the ePSA?)

    Know the device is not broken, because it stopped working just after I reinstalled Windows 10 (or it is, and it that is some funny timing).

    Update, the USB port on the tablet now does not work and the ports on the accessory dock never did, so I no longer have a USB port for it. Luckily, The WLAN is working and I still (think) I have a Micro SD card slot that works.